Puppy Love

Asking Ryan what he wanted to be for Halloween was not even a question.
Given his dog obsession, why not be Spot ( our fake dog's ) BFF??!

Well that's exactly what he did.

He tells Spot what to do these days.
"Eat it Spot!" he yells as he tries to stuff goldfish in his mouth.

Andddd for one of my favorite phrases - "Wuv You Spot" he says.

Best buddies.

Poor Ryan slipped and sprained his ankle earlier this week,
he can't walk or stand and is surviving by the phrase "Carry you" all day.
It's been quite the week of tears.

Saddest thing ever.

Watching your two year old cry, frustrated that he can't run around is the worst feeling.

He is still asking to go "get candies" so of course, we will attempt the trick or treating.

Plus, I'm making my husband dress up with me HA.
If you knew my husband, he's like the biggest Halloween grinch HA so him dressing up shows that he really really REALLY loves me ;)

Happy Early Halloween!
I cannot wait to see every one's costumes, we aren't too creative when it comes to Halloween, so I like living through you guys and your creativeness.

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Karina Marie Powell


  1. He is so stinking cute! My 16 month old daughter is OBSESSED with dogs, too. We have a schnauzer and he stays away because all she wants to do is pet and love on him :) He's scared of her! Unless there's food around then she's his best friend. She's going to be a dalmatian puppy from Pottery Barn for Halloween. Hope he has a quick recovery!

    1. Awww! That's the sweetest! Ok so Ryan was totally that dalmation from
      PB last year! So stinking cute! She will be so precious! Thanks for the well wishes! I hope so too! XO

  2. Ryan looks adorable in his puppy costume!! Hope his ankle heals quickly!!!

  3. I'm so sorry he got hurt! I hope he feels better soon. And he is seriously the cutest puppy

  4. too dang cute karina!!! love all of this!!
    sending him well-wishes for his ankle to heal well & quickly!

  5. I love his little obsession with dogs and he looks ADORABLE!! I'm hoping all the candies are going to make him feel so much better! So sad we missed you this week my friend, and even more so about his ankle - poor baby x

  6. He looks adorable!!! And waverly says hold you, too!! So sweet, hope he feels better!!

  7. I


  8. He is such a cutie! Poor little guy with his injury, here's wishing him a speedy recovery and I hope all the Spot cuddles help him feel better :) Happy Halloween! x

  9. This is seriously the cutest thing I've ever seen! LOVE IT!
    Poor Ry! Spraining his ankle already? Heart is breaking for him! Hopefully he will sit in a stroller or wagon for trick or treating? Hope he heals asap!!

  10. He is thee cutest!!! So sorry about his sprained ankle. My Jed broke his leg just before he turned two when we were on a trip. I took him to the doctor and the said the same thing, "Just a sprain of some kind. He should be walking by the end of the week." Well, he wasn't walking by the end of the week so as soon as we got home I called his pediatrician who saw him and declared that it was in fact broken! Poor kid. I felt so bad. I'm sure you know that Ryan's ankle is indeed just sprained, but I'm just saying I understand the feeling. It's so sad. Best wishes for healing ASAP!

  11. Convinced my grinch hubby to dress up this year too! Yay for us. :) Such a cute little puppy by the way.

  12. Hi, Love your blog! I'm a pediatric resident studying to be a sports medicine pediatrician. It would be VERY rare for someone your little guy's age to sprain his ankle or any other area. Usually the growth plate is the weakest link at this age as opposed to ligaments (like with a sprain in big kids). If he was already seen by a doctor who isn't an expert in kiddos, I would recommend him seeing a peds orthopedist or pediatrician. Usually fractures through the growth plate require about 6 weeks in a cast at minimum. Often times if you go to an adult/regular ER and they Xray it, the Xray will be normal even though the fracture is there, which is why its important to have someone look at it that is comfortable with pediatric fractures.