All of the sudden... it's freezing.

I apologize for my short absence,
I have been living up every moment with my sweet mamma!
My mom flew in to Houston this past week.
Sometimes you just need a little boost in life :) and she came to hang out with me for 4 days.

Talk about a really REALLY happy boost.

Moms are the best.

We Christmas shopped our lives away ( my mother - in - law and mom combined are dangerous! ) laughed way too much, and ate a lot of really good food.

We miss her already.

Weather wise, it went from being in the 70's to 50 degrees!
( in the 30's at night time! )
Which trust me, for Houston, is no joke people.

All of the sudden... it's FREEZING!!

I know we are weak sauce when it comes to the cold in the south but seriously with the humidity in the air - the cold bites to the bone!
I secretly like it because I can finally layer all my clothes.
We pulled out our beanies and winter coats this last week!

We just got home ( as we speak ) from a short road trip!
My sweet husband was sworn in as an OFFICIAL TEXAS ATTORNEY in Austin, TX TODAY!

Um it was pretty dang cool.
( more to come on that )

I'm like the proudest wife ever.
I can't believe we are done.

Gosh I love these two.
And yes, Ryan is still missing his "fang" teeth. LAST TWO LEFT!!!
HA Aaron and I are making bets on him still teething at 6 years old.

Here's to bundling up tonight and my husband bracing for my ice cold toes in bed.
But seriously.

Every one stay warm!!!

P.S. ONE last day to enter the Custom design Christmas card giveaway!
(( I just got my Christmas cards in the mail and I LOVE them! ))

Karina Marie Powell


  1. I love the fall/winter in Houston! The weather is Perfect. Being in Utah the last few years for school has been BRUTAL. After being in the south my whole life, I feel like I'm freezing to death up here!

  2. Congrats to your hubby!!!! And yay for mom time, the best!

  3. Little Ryan has honestly got the sweetest face I have just about ever seen! Such darling pictures! Congrats to your hubby on being sworn in, you deserve to be the proudest wife! :)

    Lu x

  4. I feel you with the freezing weather not being normal - I struggle in the cold here too! Yay for time with your momma and big hugs for gorgeous little Ryan x

  5. Oh yay! That sounds like the best visit from your mom! and we need to move there... 50's being unusually cold? Sounds like our kind of weather! We are so over Utah winters, HA!
    Still so happy for your family! Congrats to Aaron for being sworn in!