We have a frame. [ HOUSE UPDATE ]

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Aaron and I about had a heartattack this weekend when we turned down our future street and saw the tip of our house rooftop!

We couldn't believe it was OURS.

Goodness, we are so excited.

Anyone that has built before knows that it's quite the process
SO seeing the frame almost finished is kind of a big deal.

Here's to listening to my first Christmas song while running today,
Making THESE yummy things for the 3rd week in a row,
and listening to HER on repeat.

Happy Tuesday!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. How exciting that yall are building a house!! :) What a wonderful new chapter!!

  2. This is so exciting friend - I remember all the phases of our building - so much fun! And such a relief and excitement to see progress x

  3. Super exciting, I can't wait till we have our own house :)


  4. How fun! When is it expected to be done? I think it would be both fun and frustrating to build a house. I think I would get overwhelmed with all the choices you need to make. It took us a year to figure out our pool for the backyard...I can only imagine a whole house! So exciting though!

  5. Ah how fun! And that sounds like the perfect Tuesday.

  6. Love it Karina, we have got to get our there to see it with y'all.

  7. ahh so exciting! cant wait to see it come together

  8. Love everything about this! So excited for you guys! Can't wait to see what it looks like when it's all finished!

  9. So exciting! I can't wait to see it all come together!

  10. Ah! This is sooooo exciting (and it's not even my house, HA!)

  11. So amazing! Congrats mama.