Old Macdonalds Farm

Our dearest family friends that we stayed with a couple weeks ago in Austin,
came to HOUSTON for Halloween weekend and stayed with us.
Time with them was perfect and we had so much fun.

Poor Ryan was a little sad just from not feeling good, but perked up when we decided to take the kiddos to Old Macdonalds Farm.

Even though there were only about 5 pumpkins left in the pumpkin patch,
( seriously sad looking pumpkin patch HA )
the excitement lived on with our toddlers.

Clearly the 5 pumpkins left didn't phase Ryan.

Ryan's favorite part of the whole day was the "choo Choo train" that he rode about 20 times.

The weather is beyond beautiful and I kinda wish it could stay 70 degrees forever.

Every time we got off he cried and asked to go again.

That train driver was waving to me by the end of the day HA.

I know Ryan looks a little confused in these pictures but I promise he was in heaven, 
he just didn't feel too good.

At least I look excited about it.

Nice form babe.

Old Mac's farm lived up to it name and had TONS of animals for the kids to feed.

He really liked the sheep.

And he was a little champ feeding all of them until...

 baby goat decided to eat his shirt and not let go.
Scared him to death.

He still tells me about it almost every day.
"Mamma, Pet goat, eat shirt" Awesome.
Goat, he may never go in an animal pen again because of you.

And just because they are hilarious.
I don't know if it was Emperor's New Groove or what but I think these animals are hilarious.

And just another train ride in the books.

 Aaron and I really like this photobomb of a child :)

Old Mac, You did not disappoint!
One really good Saturday.

Karina Marie Powell


  1. This looks like soooooo much fun! I love that they came and stayed with you, yay! Mia would be the saaaaaame way about the train! She's obsessed with that kind of stuff right now!
    Also, your in laws are so cute! I love that you always have so much fun with both families!

  2. Looks like a bunch of fun! Despite that Harp's a girl, she enjoys the train ride too!

  3. Oh my goodness I can't believe the goat tried to eat his shirt! Looks like a lot of fun though!

  4. So much fun - SJ also loves the farm! And that little girl is adorable - a perfect pair x

  5. love this! can't believe the goat bit his shirt! hahah! and also--that little girl is precious! i love little friends!

  6. You family is insanely gorgeous.