Resisting the nighttime munchies

Just random tangent to start out with...
The other night on date night we got stuck in Anthropologie ( I wonder who's fault that was HA )
I fell in love with their darling mitts and aprons!
THIS ONE kind of stole my heart.
Not sure if it's functional but I told my husband I would feel cute cooking.

On to the topic for today.
So I was reading health articles the other day....
( just because that's what I like to do in my spare time #coolkid )

I read that the average American gains 5-10 pounds during Thanksgiving and Christmas....
Because I'm slightly passionate about this kind of stuff it makes my heart SO sad!

I believe this slight increase on the scale starts when those leaves fall....
So rewind to the beginning of FALL.
I LOVE fall.
Don't get me wrong.
I love the cool crisp air, finally being able to wear boots, the leaves, the goodies... everything about it.

HOWEVER, for some reason, the season of FALL makes it easier to gain weight.

You somehow justify making treats all week and eating way too many pumpkin goodies but
 you tell yourself it's ok, because "IT'S THE HOLIDAYS!" ( and it's not swimsuit season )
Pretty sure I'm guilty of this!

Maybe you don't feel that way, ( and if you don't, you are superman )
but I feel the need to make desserts constantly.
Pinterest I could punch you!

These night time munchies are DANGEROUS.

I have the biggest sweet tooth.
I'm the type of person that eats something salty and has to have something sweet right after or my taste buds can't take it!

Ask my husband,
It's bad.

SO, I have to force myself to cut off the sweets at night time.

Before I address this topic, Let me first say, that IT IS the Holidays! 
I'm not some crazy fanatic that is going to tell you to not eat sweets for 3 months.
It is my favorite time of year and should be enjoyed to the fullest!
HOWEVER, just because it's the Holiday's doesn't mean that you "let yourself go".
You will pay for it when January comes around.

As long as everything is in moderation... You will be just fine.

Lets talk about the danger that puts on those pounds!
I call it "Nighttime Munchies"
You are generally not active in the evening which causes ALL those calories sit with you all night long
and convert into fat over night.
Don't think about it too hard, HA it's kind of gross.

I give myself the weekend to splurge but try and stay as good as I can in the week so that if I gain a pound or 2 over the weekend it can usually come off in the week if I'm strict with myself. HA
It's this crazy cycle that works for me and my body.

ANYWAYS....Here are my 5 tricks and tips.

#1. Cut eating at 7:30 or 8 ( at the latest )

Try and cut off eating about 3 hours before you go to bed.
This is hard. 
Especially when you are watching a good show and want a snack....
But I promise, you will feel a million times better in the morning.
You won't go to bed full or bloated and you will wake up hungry.
( I LOVE waking up hungry HA )
I try and do this Monday through Thursday. 
Makes all the difference.

#2. Have 5 different kinds of gum in your house

So now you are asking - well what do I do if I get the munchies after 8 PM?!
"EXTRA" dessert delight gum is my nighttime best friend.
My personal favorite is the Key Lime Pie gum.
I also love the Watermelon.
As soon as 7:30 hits I will throw a piece of gum in my mouth.
I like the sweet gum at night because it makes me feel like I'm eating something sweet.


This is key.
Sometimes your body thinks you are hungry but in all reality, you are just thirsty.
99 percent of Americans DO NOT drink enough water.

Water will fill you up after enough glasses ha trust me.

**ALSO! Secret tip : Sometimes I make crystal light lemonade at night.
It's 0 calories and 0 sugar and the taste is enough to make it feel like I'm having something sweet.

#4. Brush your teeth

I brush my teeth at about 8 o clock.
No one wants to brush their teeth twice in a row.
HA plus things don't taste as good one you have a toothpaste mouth.

#4. Give yourself one or two nights a week to "TREAT yourself"

So if I know I am having a dinner with friends or going out on a date with my husband,
 I will set aside those nights as my "treat" nights.
Still enjoy the holiday goodies but in moderation on certain days of the week.
It will help you get through the "strict nights" of the week if you have good treats to look forward too:)

For example. Thanksgiving is next Thursday.
Meaning Monday through Wednesday will be strict - no late night snacks - 
and Thankgiving is obviously FREE DAY!
I'm doing it, so you guys better do it with me!

That all being said, there are some nights where you just need snacks. 
I wish I could say I followed that strict nighttime eating regiment 7 days a week but I DON'T.
So here are my top favorite snacks that cure the sweet tooth without the fat, sugar and calories.

Believe it or not but popcorn is one of the best snacks you can eat!
Don't get all excited and think it's the movie theater kind - HA no.
The healthy kind. I really like the "Smart Balance" brand. 
( but there are lots of "light" popcorn options )
** Just make sure you are buying the 94% fat free.

I LOVE popcorn because.... 
A. You can eat A LOT for a small amount of calories!
 ( For half the bag of popcorn (( which is like 200 popcorn kernals! HA )) it's only 110 calories and 2 grams of fat )
B. It has awesome amounts of fiber.
C. and maybe the biggest one - it's no sugar. So it makes me feel like I'm having a treat without putting excess sugar in my body.

FRUIT with a little Vanilla yogurt
This is a good option ( without the fat ) if you have a sweet tooth!
My favorite vanilla yogurt is the "Dannon light and fit vanilla yogurt"
( I buy the big 4 serving carton of it every week )

Also a good option ( without the fat ) if you have a sweet tooth!
I love the white chocolate kind!

APPLE and Peanut butter
Apples are super sweet and it's proven that they make you feel full and satisfy the sweet tooth!
I like them with a little peanut butter.

Small bowl of cereal
OK I LOVE cereal. Aaron and I are obsessed.
Cereal gets a little dangerous because it doesn't fill you up.
Meaning you can eat 2 servings easily, which is about 250 calories ( with the milk ) and not feel full.
Be careful. Measure out one serving and call it quits.

** If anyone wants advice on getting carried away with cereal, just call my husband.
He understands the danger.
You should see his mile high bowls of frosted flakes.

SIDE NOTE : If you are going to have dessert, it is better for you to have it earlier than later.
The later it gets, the more dangerous those calories are.
Just remember that.

Seriously guys think of me when you want a treat at 10 PM and stick a piece of gum in your mouth.
It will be worth it!

Happy Friday!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. We are so guilty at eating cereal at night time while watching tv!! I ate a bowl last night actually! It's like my body thinks it's hungry, but I'm really not but I'll pour that bowl of cereal anyways! ahh

  2. I had a dietitian tell me that eating plain greek yogurt or cottage cheese as a late night snack will actually BOOST your metabolism while you sleep. These foods contain a longer lasting protein that will keep you fueled through the night. I was never in the habit of eating late, so it took me a long time to get used to it, but I actually lost weight while doing it. I lost 10lbs over 4 months and went form 25 to 19% body fat.

    1. So awesome! Good for you girl! That's amazing! And yes certain foods can boost your metabolism through the night if eaten in the right way. That's a post for another day :) XO

  3. Love this post! I love the tip about the gum. I need to try it. My friend and I started a competition to lose the last three or four pounds of baby weight. We weigh ourselves and check in every Thursday. First one to her goal gets to be treated to a new shirt at Target! We're hoping this keeps the holiday calories from piling on. We'll probably even lose a pound or two. :) Nothing like competition to inspire me.

  4. such good ideas! i could be so much better at this! i'll be trying it and thinking of you when I'm wanting that chocolate chip cookie ha! ;)

  5. Popcorn and apples with peanut butter... my weaknesses. I'm excited to see that your fit fridays are back!

  6. Such an awesome post my friend, and a great reminder - those night time munchies are the worst! Hubs and I make tea (the English breakfast kind) and then brush our teeth for this reason! x

  7. hi, love your fit friday posts the most! just curious on what your take is on artificial sweeteners. you mention gum, dannon light and fit yogurt, flavored waters, etc. - they all contain artificial sweeteners so you can indulge without any or too many calories. not sure how to reconcile that with living a healthy lifestyle - isn't real sugar better than artificial sweeteners? if it's zero calories isn't it too good to be true? sweeteners are highly processed ingredients and I wonder about the long term health affects. curious to hear your thoughts! thank you sweet girl!! xxS

  8. We have so many of the same tricks! I totally do the gum thing, brushing teeth and the popcorn :) haha I need to be better about not eating late at night though! BAH!!!

  9. I do the gum thing too!

  10. Such great tips and reminders... especially going in to Christmas!! I needed to hear this today ;0)

    Julia Kristina