Hardcore Halloween

We are all about simple when it comes to dressing up for Halloween over here.
I got my sweetheart of a husband to dress up with me and we walked the town as hardcore bank robbers.  [ insert major sarcasm HA ]
If you knew us personally, HA you would know that we are the least "hardcore" people on earth and may be the last people in the history of EVER to rob a bank.

Hence the point of Halloween. Dress up as something you're not.

So that's what we did.
Plus it was semi-fun pretending we were hardcore for 2 hours.
Even my Halloween Grinch husband liked it.

Talk about the easiest costume ever to put together.

I found the Beanies HERE - $2.80 at Forever 21

Whipped through our closets and found some appropriate tops with black pants and black gloves.

Found the mask and white blank bags at Micheals.
Drew a dollar sign on the bags.
However my drawing of a dollar sign turned into "dollar sign meets Treble Clef" HA. OOPS.

Anyways, 10 dollars later..... you can be hardcore too.

Anddd for the worst quality blurry dark phone picture you have ever seen...
This is THE ONLY picture I got of us 3 Halloween night.

I kind of wish we could have a do over on this year's Halloween for Ryan's sake.
This picture was the happiest he looked all night.

Poor baby couldn't walk because of his messed up ankle and didn't feel good on top of that.
We carried him and knocked some doors and through some tears he said "trick treat".
Poor thing.... Gosh it broke my heart!
We had even been practicing saying "trick or treat" for a couple weeks and he didn't even get to enjoy it!

I know he would have loved it any other day but being drugged up on tylenol and not feeling good made him no happy little puppy.

Oh well.
There's always next year.

As for the company this Halloween, we loved it.
We stuffed ourselves with pumpkin cookies and Halloween goodies and cuddled up Halloween night because it is finally COOL in Houston, Texas!!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Yall look great- awesome idea!! A friend of mine did this last year and made their baby "a bag of money."

  2. Love the costumes! Hope the babe's ankle is feeling better. Injuries for on the go toddlers are not fun!


  3. Such fun!! Hope you gorgeous little man is better soon x

  4. Having a sick baby is one thing, but a sick toddler is the saddest thing ever. They know they are sick and they are just miserable! Poor little guy, I hope he's all better soon!! xx

  5. love the bank robber idea! you two are so cute! and poor little ryan!!

  6. such a cute costume!! gosh you guys are the cuuutest!!!
    next year will be much better :) :)

  7. Seriously, genius idea! So cute and so cheap!
    Poor Ry! His ankle AND being sick on Halloween? I hope he's feeling better now!!

  8. Ohh your poor baby! That is totally not fun, and I swear mom suffers just as much as the kid because we wish we could take it all away (going through that right now, poor Alex has had a fever on and off today)! I hope he's feeling better now :)

  9. Mind saying what lip color your wearing in these pics? It's gorgeous!