Moana Surfrider ( and Ryan turns 4! )

Ryan woke up to balloons EVERYWHERE.
His birthday was the second day we were in Hawaii so we had a full on "RYAN day."

The day started bright and early - 6:00 AM for the win! 
( kiddos obviously still adjusting to Hawaii time )

We started out with breakfast at the hotel - it was buffet style so of course Ryan was in heaven.
Any food a kid could ever want..
Ryan's choice of food this particular morning were chocolate chip waffles, "tiger cereal" ( frosted flakes ) and a doughnut or two - really nutritious!! I kept stuffing him a banana in between bites! My poor kids - ha!

Thinking he is pretty cool matching his dad ^^

Sweet, sweet, baby Luke.

I love going to church on vacation.
It's so fun to see the unique culture traditions.
The best start to the day. ^^

We have had this Hawaii trip planned for quite a while so Ryan has been counting down the days until his birthday when he gets to "swim with fishies".
We took him to Hanauma Bay to snorkle! ^^

Any kid would love this I'm sure, but Ryan especially and his love for all things "ocean" - this was heaven for him.

He loved watching fish swim under his toes!
And Luke of course, never got bored of eating the sand and chasing birds.

Ry's souvenir of choice from Hanauma Bay ^^
The best was watching Ryan correct the girl at the giftshop as to what shark was what...
Don't mess with Ryan and his knowledge of all things shark related!

This thing ^^ was quite the project getting home to Texas but it's safe and sound and never leaves Ryan's room -  ( with all of his other 25 stuffed sharks haha! )

While we were in Oahu, we stayed on Waikiki. ^^
This was my very first time to Waikiki! I have stayed other areas in Oahu but never here!

If you are going to stay on Waikiki, I LOVED our resort! We stayed at the Moana Surfrider - it's a Westin resort.

It has a very 'old victorian theme' and is so romantic looking.

The beach is beautiful and everything 'food/ shops wise' is within walking distances - which is so nice!

Ryan requested a hot dog for his birthday dinner, ^^ so we went to Cheeseburger in Paradise.

Aaron's heaven ^^
And I ordered Mahi Mahi Fish Tacos and they were amazing!

Obviously pretty excited about the umbrella his hot dog came with ^^

We stuffed a few presents in suitcases so Ryan would have a few things to open.
One happy camper.

And Hula Pie on the hotel bed made for one really really good birthday cake :)
Ryan cried going to bed saying "I don't want my birthday to be over!"
Oh to be 4 again! 

Post Details

My Coral Swimsuit // Striped Bow Swimsuit ( similar )

Ryan's Church Outfit -- Pink Roll-cuff Shirt // Sailboat Bow-tie // Shorts // Belt
Birthday Outfit -- Sailboat Tee // Shorts

Luke's Anchor Outfit ( similar - and SO on sale! )

( This is when to buy next year's summer outfits! ALL the boys clothes ^^ are SO cheap right now with labor day sales! YAY! )

Happy Labor Day Friends! XO

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Always love your swimsuits! Happy birthday Ryan, it looks like a perfect day to me :)

  2. The happiest birthday in Hawaii!! I love his obsession with sharks, it is too cute x

  3. Absolutely adorable! Happy Birthday to Ryan!! I love your swimsuits and adore the bag that is in one of the first pictures (the striped navy and white one)- could you tell me where you got that? Thank you!