Birthing class #1.

 Ha I got my pillows and yoga pants on
and I'm ready for birthing class #1.
Alright so we had no idea what to expect.
hahaha and this picture just needs no words.

We began class with our partner or spouse (or as we call it in class SUPPORT group) putting on the pregnancy breasts and tummy.
I was loving every minute of this part because
now he can feel what it feels like to have lots of weight strapped around you.
Yes that's right sweetheart,
try and sleep with that thing around you!~
Your chest area grows significantly when you are pregnant in case you didn't know.

They even made him tie his shoes with it on
which I loved because he always laughs when I have to squat to pick anything up from the floor.
P.S. notice the contraction positions on the picture.. get ready babe that's next week.
yes now try and get out of bed.
He was loving this as you can clearly tell.
They gave all the pregnant ladies these balls to put our feet up on,
because let me tell you 3 hours is a LONG time to sit still.
As you can see to the left of my feet the pregnant women with the blue ball.
P.s. intresting fact- we were all due with boys except for one couple!
It's boy season I guess??
In case you were wondering why the chair is flipped that way to the right of my feet,
our teacher gave us that option to sit and some of the ladies took it.

We then watched a birthing video in full force
Ok...I have seen many birthing videos in my nutrition/ child development classes throughout college,
but my sweet husband WAS completely oblivious to what one entails.
He found out very quick how these videos go as soon as the babies head started to crown.
hahaha way to break him in slowly birthing class!
I am not sure that a screaming women in contractions giving a natural birth is the best way to break in the husbands.
Oh well, it's good for him to see the worst case senario right?? haha

We then got to feel what a contraction feels like...
try holding a pile of ice for a minute straight.
She said it gives you a little idea of how one feels.
This is the closest thing my husband will feel to a contraction.
I almost died holding the ice.

We ended the class by doing breathing techniques,
and meditation activities..
I felt like I was in a yoga class.
We got homework-
The homework is for the significant other to give the pregnant one a massage.
talk about the BEST homework ever.

To be honest we learned a lot,
and had the best time together with stories to tell.
Definitely a husband/ wife bonding experience ha.
Needless to say,
a birthing video later and a stunned husband,
we are ready for class #2 next monday.
We will be practicing contraction positions,
which my husband is just thrilled for I'm sure..

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Oh my goodness this is hilarious! Love that they had him put on the pregnant belly AND chest. I can relate though...I have a hard time watching birthing videos even after having given birth! They freak me out! My husband on the other hand, mr. future doctor, was so enthralled with everything we learned in our class.

    1. Shannon! Yes It was hilarious. He secretly was loving feeling what it felt like to be a girl for 2 minutes. haha. Oh goodness, yes they are pretty graphic. I have gotten a little used to them and don't mind them too much... but Aaron was completely shocked. Aww that's awesome about your husband, ha yes, there is a reason my husband is in law and not medical school:) p.s. your little guy is the cutest thing ever. he is getting so big!!

  2. Well I'm glad you are having fun. I never went to a birthing class, I had done so much studying and been around so many births, I knew I would be ok. So I had 4 natural births and no epidural. I can best describe the full blown contraction like this. . imagine you have to throw up and you have diarrhea, but you are told you have to hold both! Its kind of like that, your body trying to remove something but also not wanting to let go. I also recommend going natural. Really not that bad. If you go into labor already decided to go natural you'll be fine, if you go in thinking you'll see how it goes, you will take the drugs.
    :) Mary

    1. Mary- Oh my goodness! You go girl! 4 natural births?? That's so impressive! Ha I have never heard a contraction described like that haha that's funny. I am so nervous for labor. ha so we will see what happens:) Thank you though! That's amazing!

  3. I booked our classes today and I'm nervous! I hope the men have to wear a pregnancy suit though - that's hilarious!

    1. Rachel! I hope your husband will have to too! It was hilarious! Hope your pregnancy is going well also! xo

  4. haha that's so funny. i'm glad he finally knows what you feel like!

  5. This sounds like so much fun! We actually haven't taken a class and aren't taking one. We just ended up reading lots of books. Haha. But this makes me wish we had--if just to see my husband try on that belly to see what it feels like to be carrying around all this extra weight! Haha.

  6. I don't think Utah has these sort of classes. I wish. Haha.

  7. *Erica+Matson* There are some classes available at the orem center i believe, my sister was looking into it.

    Wow Karina! I never went to one, my doctor said it wasn't manditory, and i had brushed up on all the reading one can do for prepairing for birth so i didn't feel i needed to go to one, but now I wish i had! That's fun stuff! I would have like to see my hubby go through some of that stuff. hahaha...glad to see you are enjoying them. I might do it for my second child, since the epidural that i gave into halfway to full dilation messed with my knees for two-three months after delivery, so i will be going all natural wtih baby two.

    I'm still blown away by how good you're looking! keep it up!

    1. Sharon! You are so sweet! Yes my doctor just recommended it, and so we said why not!? ha We are so clueless about certain things also, so we figured it would be a good eye opener:) You poor thing! I can't even imagine.. I understand going natural on the next one! I would be scared to get the epidural if that happened too! We love our class- totally would recommend it! There are a bunch of different options too! We just chose the birthing class, but there looked like there would be a lot of fun ones!

  8. we start our class tomorrow!! you are looking great girl!!