6 tangents for Tuesday

#1. I honestly didn't know whether to be happy or sad to be wearing a sailboat shirt on October 29.
I have lived in Texas for 2 years now (SO crazy) and I'm STILL getting used to the weather.

We sometimes try and dress "fallish" just because I feel the need to when I see pumpkins.
However then it gets really hot hahaha so I figured instead of dressing like it's fall time....
 today I chose COMFORT in the 83 degree weather.

#2. Totally one of those "dress for the picture day". Poor baby was sweating by the end in that sweater. (looks are deceiving!) But really, how cute is it!? I was dying.

We took Ryan to his very first pumpkin patch which needs a post in and of itself. It was seriously heaven on earth for this kid. He was so sad to leave!

#3. It's official. I was dubbed as the boring parent in the relationship when Ryan discovered "push ups on daddy's back". Working out will never be the same.
(excuse the bedding all over- hello laundry day)

#4. Ask me how much we love Dr. appointments..
 ok, don't ask me, we highly dislike them. 

Baby cries when he sees the shots nurse. ha he TOTALLY knows what's going on now.

My string bean weighed in at a whopping 21 pounds today (14 months) (which is not that much compared to some kids his age haha He totally has his dad's metabolism... 
operation "fatten you up little one!")

#5. Totally like 2 weeks ago but BYU football came to US!!! 
First time ever in the history of football BYU plays Houston!

We were able to drive 35 minutes and be at the game, instead of flying 3 hours to Utah:)
It was awesome.

#6. "Baby you're the song that makes me want to roll my windows down and cruise.."

Ok so sometimes on Sunday nights my sweet mother-in-law tells us to go take her convertible out for a spin while they watch the baby. I think it might be one of the most relaxing things on the planet.

We talk and cruise...and it's the best thing ever. Any time I can get this babe out alone without a law book, makes me one happy girl.

Halloween is going to be a good time over here. I am pretty excited to take my puppy trick or treating.

I married the Halloween grinch. But he sure does love me because he "semi-dressed up" as a cute school boy with me.

Can't wait to see all of your creative costumes! 
That's one thing I am terrible at.. (thinking of good costumes ha)

 So I will stick with Ryan's cutest Pottery Barn Kids costume and our "last minute thrown together" prep outfits
ANDDD live vicariously through you guys and your costume creativeness:)

Karina Marie Powell


  1. I HATE HATE HATE going to the doctors and all those shots:( I make Nick go with me so he can do the whole shots thing, I can't take it. Breaks my heart every single time.

  2. What an adorable little dalmatian you have there! My husband is a Halloween grinch as well. Maybe that will change once we have a baby? Have a Happy Halloween!


  3. we just moved to Houston from Boston and I am so not used to this weather! I'm ready to break out the sweaters and boots!

  4. Oooohhh driving in a convertible in the warm air sounds amazing right now. I love your face in that pic haha! So cute!

  5. i think your costumes are adorable! we aren't even dressing up... because i couldnt find a costume small enough to fit carter that was cute :( next year will be more fun i am sure!

  6. haha the halloween grinch..love that description.
    and your little one...i die!!!!!!


    the well-traveled wife

  7. I think your costumes are all adorable! :] But how important are the parent costumes once you have a baby anyway?! Haha.