Sorry for the short absence....
Ryan and I have been soaking up every minute of this beautiful fall Utah weather with mi familia.
Who knew wearing boots could make you so happy!?

I am loving having a workout buddy every morning. (you are the best mamma!)
The only thing that's a little adjustment to my bones is the 35 degree temperatures at 7 AM.
 (You early runners are dedicated I tell you!)

Ryan gets carried 24/7 (which is so not helping his walking progress) and gets pampered by my siblings.
He is in heaven being center of attention -(Nothing new)

We will be Houston bound tomorrow afternoon.

Wish us luck on the plane. 
You would think the babes would have this 3 hour flight down by now, but somehow it always turns into 3 hours of death.

Hope everyone is having a great week! 
We will be back really soon! xo

PS. I was so honored to be featured on the lovely and popular Style Elixir talking about Mommyhood (my most favorite thing!)
You can read HERE xo

Karina Marie Powell


  1. I love his Polo coat, he is so darn handsome in it! Good luck on the trip and good for you on your feature!

  2. SUCH a cute picture!!! Have fun & be safe!

  3. Oh I hear ya on the plane flights! I swear Bronx should have the whole flight thing down-pat but nooooope. Haha. I dread taking him every. time.

  4. Utah is so pretty in the fall!
    Where do you all live in Houston? We are looking at moving there next summer so if you know of any good neighborhoods in the city area I'd love to hear them (we've heard Memorial and Heights are good).

  5. so, so precious!! it sounds like you guys have had a great trip... hope that ryan did well on the plane ride home!

    i am so glad that you found/commented on my blog... you and your family are just adorable and i can't wait to read along more!! :)

  6. poor kiddo, it's probably all the ear popping he doesn't like. I've never flown with Dominic but I can only imagine. Fall is so wonderful <3 Have a great time in TX