St. George for just over a day.

My siblings had fall break in Utah last week!
(I have come to find out that fall break doesn't exist down here in Texas ha)
My parents decided to fly us out to meet them in St. George. 

Aaron, I and the babes literally flew in to St. George at 11:55 PM on Thursday night and had until Saturday morning at 9 AM to "fit in everything that we possibly could in just over a day"

Oh my goodness the crisp fall air made me so happy I could cry.

We stayed at the beautiful resort Entrada.

An early run, swim and back flip session.

By 9:30 AM we had already run 5 miles and gone swimming.
(I tell you, we were determined to fit everything in that we could)

The boys golfed, so the girls ate Kneaders and baby shopped for a couple hours.

A beautiful dinner at the clubhouse,
(where Ryan enjoyed his own order of Sweet Potato Fries)

A night at the Tuacahn theater,
 (which is UNBELIEVABLE- if you are every in St. George UT- GO!)

and a late night trip to Dairy Queen for their SMORES blizzard,
  (which I am convinced everyone should try in their lifetime)

Made for the perfect day.

We got up early Saturday morning and biked Snow Canyon.
(another "must do in your lifetime bucket list item")
Then, headed back up north to PROVO for a football game you know the boys couldn't miss:)

A day is just not long enough for that pretty place.

Karina Marie Powell


  1. such gorgeous photos! i want to visit there!!!!!! sounds like you had a wonderful little trip :)

  2. so fun! family time is the best, even if it's short. we miss crisp fall air here in CA too! but in january our weather pays off haha. i love your blog and you're a babe! Xo

  3. I love all these St George pics. Kevin has a sister and fam that lives there, and we definitely need to visit them more often! I know I may sound biased cuz I'm from there, but I seriously think Idaho and Utah have the best weather! Especially living around in different states with humidity, heat, constant rain, and no snow. Haha.

    Ps - loved your last post!

  4. That is a quick trip! How fun though! And Ryan's little outfit is adorable! Also, I've heard so much about that outdoor theatre! I must go there someday! What did you all see?

  5. You guys have such fun adventures! You make me want to run everyday so I can be in awesome shape like you:)