Dear Wednesday...

Dear laundry day...
Talk about the least fun day ever! Who invented you anyway!
I have a cure to a better laundry day.- Have a baby right there all day long with you.
You will be guaranteed to smile.
(PS Does washing baby clothes make any one else happy?? That is the one thing I don't mind doing. I will iron and fold his clothes all day. I love how tiny they are.)

Dear Daddio...
It's a close call between the babes and I on who's more excited for you to come home.
Somehow you just coming home just makes every day a better day.

PS. Dear Law School. Because of you we have hardly seen daddy this week. Luckily we have a much needed short getaway this weekend...

Dear Packing...
I dislike everything about you and leave you until the VERY last minute every time.
I am the Worst procrastinator packer in the history of packers.

We are currently packing to head to Utah tomorrow!

I usually bring my whole closet but this time I actually really do have to pick out outfits and take up as least amount of room as possible.

We are pretty dang excited to see my family and breathe some fresh mountain air.
Anyways you can follow us HERE for updates.:)

Dear baby of mine...
I'm only a little bit sad you don't need my milk before you go to bed anymore.
I don't like to face the fact that you are just fine with your sippy cup of cows milk.

Dear fake dog Spot..
I don't know what you ever did to deserve 10+ kisses a day from this kid.

Dear Nike Track Suits...
Whoever invented you in baby size was genius! They might be the cutest things ever. I am in love!

Dear Bathtime...
We love you. I am convinced my baby will not get out of the tub until he is pruned.
We sometimes have way too much of you!

Also PS. Dear future teeth of my baby. Will you ever come?? We are just convinced he will stay toothless forever. That's ok. I love that gummy smile.

Dear Running...
So not looking forward to doing you before my husband goes to school in the morning at 6.. Lets just fast forward to 7 AM when I get home?? mmk? Ok.

At least I get a really pretty view.

Dear Wednesday.... 
It's technically Thursday now. I'm keeping my husband company while he reads hundreds of pages of  books and stays up until who knows when..

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Such a cute post. You should run the Woodlands Half in March, It's my favorite!

    1. Ok we totally did that a couple years ago and I absolutely loved it!! If you ever do it again let me know and we will have to meet up! xo

  2. i love the little baby track suits- sooo cute!