Game Day.

We love football season over here.
My husband loves it maybe a little too much;)

I grew up traveling to away games and NEVER missing a home game.
We have been really lucky to see a few BYU games even though we live pretty far.

I love this stadium with all of my heart!

We drove up from St. George Saturday morning to go cheer on our Cougs.
Ryan didn't leave my dad's lap. Oh how he loves his grandpa. 
(by the way he can say "bampa".  He called for him all weekend. It was the cutest!)

The weather was PERFECT and we won. Which is always a plus. Made for happy boys:)

Ryan met Cosmo (the mascot) for like the 3rd time.
I don't think I met Cosmo until I was like 16. What the heck.

Just had to reminisce and say this was LAST year on the EXACT same weekend.
Ry was not even 2 months old. His very first football game.
(We have trained him well)

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Seems like football is a great fall tradition for your family. I bet its fun incorporating it into your little ones life too :)

  2. I can't get over how handsome he is! Great job getting him into football early. We plan to take Savanna to her first game next year!

  3. Where did you get his adorable Ralph Lauren jacket? I need it for my lil guy:)

  4. What a fun tradition to pass on! I'm also impressed by all those backflips in the last post. Very talented family. :)