Choosing your own happiness.

Lets be honest, who doesn't have a bad day every once in a while!?
I always used to tell myself, "behind every smile is a secret."

*The day where nothing seems to go right.
(mommies- the day where your baby will not stop crying and you have no idea what they want)

*The day where you eat one piece of junk food and because you have already "ruined your healthy eating" for the day, you might as well eat as much junk food as you can on that day while saying "my diet starts tomorrow"

That "No good dirty rotten very bad day". (LOVED that book as a kid)
I HATE those days!
(my husband has since learned that us girls just have these days every once and a while and the best thing he can do is to listen:) Words of wisdom right there boys)

Why talk about this on Fit Friday??
You cannot be fully 'healthy' if you are not happy.

Lets really try to avoid these days.:)  Here are my top 5 to avoiding the bad day.

#1. Get yourself moving before you do ANYTHING!
Here's the deal. As soon as you wake up and sit your little bum down by the TV or eat some breakfast, it is that much harder to do any kind of workout for the day! So to avoid feeling like a bum on a log: GET YOURSELF MOVING.
Seriously who knew exercise could make your day 100 times better?!
It doesn't have to be a lot! **WORKING PEOPLE: Before I had Ryan when I was working early, I got up ten minutes earlier than I would have and did my favorite 10 minute workout in the history of ten minute workouts. INSANITY CARDIO WARM UP
*So even though it was ten minutes, (and trust me if you have done 'Insanity' you will know it's not an easy 10 minutes) it made me feel so much better for the day! (I still would try and workout when I got home from work to do something a little longer; but the 10 minutes in the morning made all the difference)

#2. Make a list of things to accomplish for the day.
Write down 5 things you want to do for the day. My list may look like this:
1) read scriptures
2) call my mom
3) go on a walk with the babes
4) go to the grocery store
5) clean closet drawer.
They don't have to be big things. Just simple things and by the end of the day you will feel so accomplished. (even though sometimes we don't get all 5 done ha- it's the thought that counts)
(I love to doodle, so I think I have more fun drawing my list then checking it off)

#3. Eating one piece of junk food doesn't give you a green light to eat junk all day
I am so guilty of this. I have no idea why our brains think that the second we eat junk, the easier it is to just keep eating as much bad food as you can in that day. 
***The more calories you eat, the longer it will take for you to burn them all off. 
There is no such thing as "ruining your day" by eating a little candybar.
We all deserve something good every day.:) Keep your body happy with having sweets here and there. Just stop at a few little candy-bars instead of feeling terrible when you go to sleep after eating the whole bag. 

#4. Eat breakfast
Start the day off right.
I don't know about you, but I'm a total grouch when I go without food for a few hours at a time. (ask my husband) I talked HERE about eating 5 smaller meals a day. I'm a huge believer. Skipping meals is the ultimate NO NO and I'm convinced will put anyone in a bad mood.

#5. Look for the good in every day.
I promise, there is something good in EVERY DAY. It might not be big. It may be that the "sun is shining today". If I ever get down on myself, I ALWAYS try and think to myself, "someone out there is having a worse day than me." It totally changes your perspective and makes it easier to find the good.

Just remember "YOU choose your own happiness!"

Happy Friday! xo

Karina Marie Powell


  1. This is just awesome. I couldn't agree more! A happier you is a healthier you!! :) and vise versa!!

  2. You said it all in here and said it so well! I also think happiness is a choice. The "no bad days" slogan goes through my head all the time. I'm so blessed! I have blah days, but not one is actually bad.

  3. Love love love this! and love getting a workout in right when you get up. genius!! xoxoxo

  4. i just love your blog because you are always soooo happy! Thank you for sharing your happiness secrets:) you're a great example to everyone!