ALOHA.. Part 3

Road to Hana trip!
I was so afraid I would be so sick,
because before pregnancy I am known for getting car sick everywhere we go,
(little did Aaron know what he was marrying into- haha we can't drive anywhere..)
and pregnancy just makes it worse.
But the convertible and open air helped a lot!
Hiking the trails on the way there.
The water was so high they advised you not to cross because they were afraid that it would be to high to cross on the way back.
I love hiking.

Stopping on the way to see the views. So Pretty
7 Sacred Pools.. AMAZING.
So we decided to go on a 4 mile hike to this waterfall.
about 1.5 miles in, it starts POURING on us.
We were soaking wet having to cross these rivers through the jungle to get there.
It was one of those unforgettable experiences.
and the waterfall was absolutely stunning.
So worth it.
All we wanted was pizza.
So we made the 3 hour drive from Hana back, (which was rough for my tummy but I made it!)
I found ourselves one of the best BBQ chicken pizzas I have ever had.
Finished off by Coldstone.
I don't think I had every been so ready to take a shower when we got back to the hotel.
We were so muddy and wet.
The day came to leave Maui.
We were sad but excited to be back in Kauai.
We stayed at the same hotel on our honeymoon 2 years ago!
And loved every little minute of it.
Our last breakfast at the Grand Wailea.
Aaron already misses the buffet breakfast each morning.

Goodbye Maui!!:(
 Again... best part of Hawaiian Airlines.. Guava Juice on your 30 minute flight.
Hello Kauai!! from the plane.
Aaron and I spent the afternoon at the pool/ beach.
We went to this amazing restaurant where there just happened to be a margerita pizza.
How excited was I?!
My cute mother in law got shrimp and chips, who knew they had shrimp and chips!?
 A couple nights Aaron and I went on late night walks by the beach.
It brought back so many memories from our honeymoon.
I was in heaven laying on him hearing the waves crash.
It was one of those moments you wish will never end.

This was the sight my husband got to see everyday.
haha my in laws would be laying out, and Baby and I would get over -heated so fast,
so I kept my hat on and would wade in the water until my husband woke up to find me gone from my chair.
He knew right where to find me .... in the pool.
 so happy with my lava flow.
part of the lazy river... it went on forever and ever. so beautiful.
Awww i caught him asleep.
It was so windy that my towel from my chair flew up and hit him in the face and he didn't even move a muscle. He was OUT.
 I was able to do the slides.
Only I had to sit up and go slow,
while my husband torpedoed out of it!
I'm suprised I actually caught him in the picture.
I took like 50 and all the other ones are just a huge splash of water.
Spouting Horn!

Ok my pictures don't do it justice...
It was really cool and went a lot higher than that.
Best mexican restaurant in the world!!!
oh my goodness.
I got the best shrimp fajitas while Aaron ordered beef.
Funny story...
The waiter thought Aaron ordered beef fajitas for TWO.
So naturally Aaron gets about 5 pounds of beef for dinner.
I think he was almost as happy has he was on our wedding day... haha just kidding.
but seriously.
He downed them... I have never seen someone eat so much in my life.
The daily ice cream cones.
I got a Raspberry sorbet cone every single night.
I craved it.
Which is so unlike me.
Usually not pregnant I would be downing the cookie dough ice cream but nope not anymore.

I'm so glad we got this on camera.

Karina Marie Powell


  1. I also went to Kauai on my honeymoon and we have stayed at the same hotel and just remembering those moments and creating your own magical moments is awesome. Way to go. Isn't Kauai so amazing, especially when you are with the guy of your dreams?!

    1. did you really!? oh my goodness I love it! It's the most beautiful hotel! The best memories!:) xoxo

    2. we went to Kauai on our honeymoon and it was like something out of a fairy tale, however we stayed at a different hotel but when our second anniversary came around and we stayed at our honeymoon hotel it was wonderful. So yeah, it's the sweetest memories and magic moments when you get to go back.

  2. Looks so fun in Hawaii! You're so cute! And I totally get carsick ALL the time. It stinks!

    1. You poor thing. I'm so sorry! i know how you feel! I'm the same way. We have to fly everywhere because of it. haha

  3. You two are seriously the most adorable couple ever. And I love Hawaii rain. I lived there for two years when I was younger, and every time it'd rain, we would stand outside because it was so warm and refreshing.

    Loving the photos!

    Keep Shining,

    1. Oh my goodness you lived there!? I'm jealous!! so so cool! We loved when it rained! ha it was perfect!! xoxo

  4. You are seriously adorable!! I love your swimsuits and hats:) Can I ask where your red and white swimsuit is from?? I love it!


    1. You're such a sweetheart! It's betsey johnson! She has the cutest one pieces! I just got it at a store here in Texas called Everything But Water.. I am sure it's online too!:)

  5. Looks so fun! I agree with the comment above, I want to know where you get all of your adorable swimsuits! I've been looking everywhere for cute, modest suits!

    1. Thanks hun! I know.. they are so hard to find! It's Betsey Johnson, she has the cutest one pieces! I found it here in Texas at a store called Everything But Water, but I'm sure it's online too! xo

  6. Gorgeous pictures!! You and your hubby are an absolutely stunning couple. Looks like you had an amazing vacation. Congrats on your little bun in the oven! Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog :) Much appreciated!


  7. your husband is a hottie!!!!!!!

  8. Ok, I just went through all of your Maui posts... SO FUN! Eric saw the pictures of your dessert at Bubba Gump and he is SO bummed we didn't get that, ha ha. Next time we are definitely planning our Hawaii trips at the same time ;)