11 Months.

Don't ask me how he is already 11 months old.
I cried. and then cried again.
My baby is growing up wayyyy too fast!

-He goes through a box of cherrios like there is no tomorrow.
Who would have thought we would be going broke off cherrios;)

-He is probably the fastest crawler on the planet. This kid can fly. Not kidding.
 He uses one fist and one palm and it's hilarious to watch him coming at you!
We make a good duo every day.
- He thinks he is a pretty big deal around here.
No but seriously, he runs the Powell household.
It's Ryan's world and we are just living around him....but I'm okay with that.:)
-He LOVES the water. Bathtime, pools, everything water, you name it. 
Oh and he is not afraid of anything.
Like the vacuum- some kids cry because of it.
No Ryan comes charging at it full force.
fearless baby and it scares me to death.
He is a baby comedian and he doesn't even know it.
Watching him try to push this table everyday kills me.

-He dances every time music comes on. It's hilarious.

-This is his favorite toy.
I will tell him "go get the ball!" He will crawl to it, pick it up and say "ba" and throw it.

-He goes to bed at about 8:30 PM and sleeps until 7:15 AM.
Nap from 10-11:30.
Nap from 2-4.
It's the best.

Oh yeah, he is toothless and it's the cutest.
I love those little gums.
I didn't get my first tooth until I was like 14 months hahaha ultimate slow poke.
and Aaron was like 11 months, so who knows when it will come.

-He still nurses about 4 times a day (morning, night, and midmorning and afternoon) but is slowing weening the day time feedings. I never thought it would make me so sad but it does!

-He's a good little eater. His favorite foods are bananas and avocados, toast, and my green smoothies.
(no kidding- he downs them like theres no tomorrow)
Oh and Red Mango..

Talk about my little love boat, and my bestest bud ever.
We do everything together, and I feel so lucky to be his mommy.
Happy 11 months sweet baby boy. You are my world!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. aw such a cute age!! i remember slowing down on the breastfeeding was so sad!! i told myself id stop at 1 year, but it was about one year and 2 weeks, because it was harder for me than i thought!! how fun, and he is just so so cute!

  2. He is so cute! Your blog makes me so excited to be a mom!

  3. You have a gorgeous little boy!
    Its amazing how quickly they grow - my boy is already 13 months and like your Ryan, loves swimming, the vacuum and music.

  4. He is just precious! Good luck birthday planning...don't worry though, it only gets better after age 1. I promise!

  5. Just two weeks until my little love boat turns one as well! Ryan is a cutie for sure. It's crazy how different and yet the same he is from my little man. Happy Birthday planning!

  6. oaawhh my heart! your baby has the cutest eyes in the world!!