Baby goes to Europe- Sea Day #3 & Baby's first battle wounds.

 I love sea days! 
We had yet another sea day on the ship, and spent it working out, playing multiple games of cards, and sitting by the pools for a little while.

As we were getting ready to head to dinner for the night, Mr. Ryan got his first battle wounds.
Poor baby.
I knew it was bound to happen. He is trying to climb up and out of everything these days.
He climbed out of his stroller and BOOM.
Got rug burn right under his eye, and bruised up his little head pretty good, as you can see.
Lots of tears were shed. Poor baby.

Dinner was perfect.
Aaron and I order 4 entrees. hahaha
Hey, why not order the whole menu if you can?

I arranged to surprise my in-laws with a cake for their anniversary.
Our waiter came out and they were sung to.
Then he made my father-in-law sing a line to my mother-in-law.
It was the cutest thing.
Happy anniversary to two of my favorite people on earth! xo

After dinner we went to the show.
The dance cast LOVED Mr. Ryan. They wanted a picture with him.
They were so sweet.

Seriously some of the sweetest people ever.

At 10:30 PM there was a "white hot" party.

We got all dressed in white and headed to the dance floor.

Even Ryan had a white polo outfit to change into for the party.
(That he never made it to, ha a little too far past his bedtime)

Such a good day.
Tomorrow is our favorite day of the entire cruise.
Oh my goodness it's so beautiful.

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Did you go on Princess? I am pretty sure I have been on this exact cruise!

    1. Erica! We actually went on Norwegian! We almost went on Princess though! I think the one we were looking at went to one different spot than this one! They were almost identical itineraries! SO fun!