Just Because...

Because pool time is the only way to stay cool these days.
HELLO Houston heat+ humidity.
Pretty sure when I get back from my runs I look like I just jumped in a pool- literally.

Because my baby now says "ba" and picks up the ball and throws it over the back of his head!
My husband has never been so proud.
Our "catch time" every morning for the last 6 months has really payed off. ha

Because baby "first's" are the best things EVER.
and because the 4th of July was Ryan's last "first" holiday.
I can't believe he is almost a year old.
I cried, it's ok.

Because he gives me this "puppy dog look" with those eyes and I give in every single time.
Just wait until you see his frowny face. My heart seriously aches.
And here I thought I would be the strict parent in the relationship. ha 

Because in Venice, my in-laws (MiMi and PaPaw) bought Ryan a baby gondola driver shirt.
Is it not the cutest thing ever?

Because a few days after we got back from Europe we headed to Utah for my cousins wedding and I got to stay for 10 days.
I just have yet to blog about it.
I miss these girls so much!

Because we were forced into buying this "less fortunate looking" (poor fish) fish while I was out shopping with my mother-in-law.
Ryan decided to pick it up on the shelf and drool all over it.
Good thing it was just 5 dollars ha.
Mr. Fish accompanies us on most outings these days.

Because this is Ryan's friend Avi.
She is 2 days older than him and they are pool buddies.
Andd because who knew babies could tan!? My baby is rockin a sweet little farmers tan on his arms!
I love it.

Because I'm convinced this will never get old.
Seriously Mr. swing man, we owe you! You make our child so happy.

Because this weekend Ryan had a little girlfriend to play with and swim with.

And because this is her,
Little Miss Emma.
Is she not so precious!? and her outfit my mother-in-law got her- oh my gosh I die! I love her!

Because he finally says momma.
Melts. Me.
annddd Just because being a mom is the best thing in the whole wide world and I would give anything and everything for this little boy!
Him and his daddy own my whole heart.

Andd because this amazing man is turning 27 on SUNDAY (yayyyy!!!) and we are headed on a little road trip this weekend to celebrate for a few days!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. too cute!! I need to send you the video of her pulling him back into the pool hahaha. and i love that one of him swinging!! He is seriously the cutest, happiest baby ever.

  2. He really is one of the cutest babies ever!!! I totally know what you mean about the heat! It's 99 in Dallas today... yuck.

    1. You are the sweetest! Thank you pretty girl! and seriously- yuck! No fun! Stay cool this week:) xoxo