Baby goes to Europe- France

 France is GORGEOUS.
Our tour guide took us all over and we spent the day in Marseille.
It seriously doesn't need words, it's just that pretty.

Okay so my husband and I are OBSESSED with "Count of Monte Cristo"- the movie,
and we thought it was the coolest thing EVER when our tour guide told us that that is "Chateau D'if" where it was filmed!!!

We were still pretty sad about leaving Italy I guess because we ordered pizza for lunch right on the harbor. It was so beautiful.
Turns out french pizza is AMAZING too.

We ended the day with driving up to the highest cliff and seeing THAT view on the left.
Um- so beautiful!
Of course we had to get gelato 
and my in-laws bought me that huge baguette. 
Seriously my favorite thing ever.
America you need a French bakery. 
(I am trying to convince my husband to bag law school and open one of those;) )
I would almost eat a baguette over ice cream... almost.

Our tour guide was pretty sweet.
He loved the babe!
I love French people!

We headed back to the boat for our last night on the ship:(
Goodbye beautiful France! xo
Next stop- Barcelona Spain.

Karina Marie Powell


  1. We are obsessed with that movie too!! That's so cool that you got to see where that was filmed! I would LOVE that!

  2. What an incredible vacation! I've been loving all the updates. Marseilles is absolutely gorgeous, I would love to go there one day!

  3. I am kind of in awe that you did this trip with a little one! I have an 8.5 month old and I just can't imagine this!! Would you maybe do a post of how you planned for it, how he napped, etc? My little guy loses it if he isn't in his crib or carseat when it's nap time :)

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  5. Oh hey sweet girl. I knew that last pic was taken in Marseille ! So sad you could not make it to Lyon but I hope you would one day. I'd love to show you where I live.