Baby goes to Europe- Barcelona Spain/ Trip tips!

We docked in Barcelona and sadly left the cruise ship.
After 12 nights on a boat, you get to know a lot of people-
We got a lot of "We will miss baby Ryan!!" ha
(There is nothing worse than getting off the ship and seeing the people waiting to get on the ship 
because their cruise starts that day! I hate it!)

The day we got off it just happened to be my darling mother-in-law's birthday!
Aww Happy Birthday!!!
She is the prettiest (enter her age) year old I know!
Her and I were in heaven finding the cutest candy stores.

We walked through their markets. The fruit was INCREDIBLE.
My father-in-law bought me a huge cup of fresh mangos- ok he bought me like 3 cups.
 I was in heaven!
But when we got to the animals heads and brains and every limb you can think of for sale, and it kinda freaked us out. It was my college anatomy class on steroids.

We did find a Hard Rock Cafe and my mother-in-law requested to eat lunch there.
Good ol' American food.

I love Spain. So pretty.

We explored the city for the day, and Ryan's favorite part was watching the birds.
He would get so excited when they would come close to him.
It was the cutest thing.

We stayed at a pretty cool hotel for 2 nights!
The next day was my father-in-law's birthday! Awww Happy Birthday!!!
How fun that they are a day apart huh!?
We had a tour guide the second day and he took us up to Montserrat. It was incredible.

The views were unbelievable!

After lots more touring of the beautiful city,

we ended the trip with a bang when we ate at the most incredible restaurant with really good bruschetta.
A huge thank you to these two for making it a dream vacation.
I am so lucky to call them second parents.
Seriously the best cutest in-laws in the world.

We flew to Germany,
and then 10 hours back to Houston. Longest flight ever.
Luckily the Disney movie "Bolt" was on for the babes, and this time around we got a bassinet!!!
Which brings me to my next point-
I have received many emails with specific questions so hopefully this helps! PLEASE please email me if I missed something I would be happy to help!
People traveling overseas with babies-

1. Get a bassinet! (As seen in above picture) We tried to get one on the way out to Europe and there just happened to be 12 infants on the plane and so we couldn't get one! (even showing up 3 hours early for our plane- still couldn't get one)
But we did get one on the way back and it saved our life! (because my baby will not sleep in anyone's arms- he HAS to be in a bed)
Ryan slept like a rock in there.

2. We cruised on Norwegian Cruise line! and did the 12 night Mediterranean from Venice to Barcelona. My in-laws have tried out most cruise lines and this was our first time trying Norwegian. Loved loved loved it! I would totally recommend it.

3. Our backpack carrier was the best thing ever purchased. 

You can't tell but it was raining pretty good in this picture,
and as you can see Ryan is completely protected.
He slept in there, played in there, ha basically lived in there for 2.5 weeks.
You can use it until they are like 40 pounds or something so it lasts forever!
(we are totally using it on future trips for hiking and stuff!)
We got ours at Babies R Us, it was the only backpack carrier they had- and it's awesome.

4. We debated on bringing my big BOB stroller.
SO glad we decided not to!
We just bought a cheap umbrella stroller and brought that.
In Europe there is lots of climbing steps and old roads.
The umbrella stroller was so easy to maneuver around and a lot easier to push around the cruise ship. (carry up and down the stairs etc)

5. How to go on a 12 night cruise and not gain weight. hahahaha
But seriously.
Food is endless on these things.
A. Take the stairs. We were on floor 10 and never took the elevator. Only to carry up our suitcases.
Aaron got double the workout carrying the stroller up all those flights of stairs.

B. Work out every morning you can. Even if it's just 20 minutes.
Some mornings we could go run 5 miles on a treadmill if we were at sea or we ported later but most of our tours left at 8 AM (or earlier) so Aaron and I brought resistance bands and would do abs together or arms the days that we didn't have time to go to the gym before our tour.
You walk a lot in Europe so that helps too!
C. Go dance at night. Burns lots of calories and we had a blast.
D. If you are craving sugar, go get some fruit! Cruise ships have the freshest fruit (usually) and it's an endless supply!! 
E. Choose one meal to splurge on instead of making every meal a crazy 1000 calories.
I'm not a huge breakfast lover (Don't get me wrong I NEVER EVER skip it, I would just rather have cereal than eggs and bacon) So each morning I just had a bowl of cereal and fruit, even though there is 200 items to choose from on a cruise ship. I would rather eat a pizza for dinner then 4 waffles for breakfast. Make sense?

6. Highlights- There were lots of highlights, but if I had to choose one-
If you ever have the chance to do the Gondola in Venice, DO IT.
Seriously one of the coolest things I have ever done.

ANNDDD If I could only choose one place to go back to it would be Naples Italy to stay on the Amalfi Coast.

Incredible food and one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen!

And my last really educated tip:)- If you do go to Europe get a baguette or two, and eat lots of gelato and pizza.
Somehow America just hasn't quite caught on to those three things like Europeans have:)

Until next time Beautiful Europe! xoxo

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Thank you thank you thank you for the tips!! Your in-laws are the cutest and how sweet of them to make it a dream vacation for you guys. I have loved every one of these recaps! We live in New England and just did a week in the mountains in Maine with our little guy and have that same backpack carrier as well. Couldn't recommend it more! We hiked and hiked and our little one was as happy as could be in it! Not quite a venture across Europe but it's a start :)

  2. Thanks for the tips! Knew I could count on your blog to have good advice! We might be going to Europe for a couple weeks with Rocco this year and he will only be about 5 months.. Super nervous to travel with him! We'll see how he does

  3. You and your husband are freakin' beach babes!

  4. A trip to Europe is a wonderful experience to share with your family.

  5. we just took our baby girl to europe for 3 weeks and it was a blast! we didn't get to some of the places you guys went, but i TOTALLY agree with the gelato and pizza thing... oh my goodness, soo good!!