Baby goes to Europe- Mykonos, Greece

Talk about a perfect day.
We went to Mykonos, Greece, one of the Greek Isles.
What a better way to spend it than at the beach!?

If that on the left is not the cutest entrance to a beach, I don't know what is.
Ryan touched down on his first greek sand.
He first tried to eat it and then realized it was no good at all, and didn't try again.
He just crawled all over.

The sweetest sand castle I have ever seen.

Ok I have a story. 
It is hilarious now, but it was no laughing matter then haha
So I decided to go find the restroom in this cute restaurant on the left....Pretty sure I got locked into the bathroom.
No, but seriously.
Most traumatic experience ever.
It was a single bathroom with one of those old huge heavy keys to lock it.
After about 10 or 15 minutes after I left to find the restroom, my husband and mother-in-law came looking for me to see if I was ok ha
and I was yelling from the bathroom "get me out of here!"
No one could hear me!! hahah now it sounds funny but it was traumatizing.
It was an old door with a key, and the lock was jammed.
Anyways after about 5 minutes of the store owner telling me options of how to get out, I made it.
hahaha I told my husband I thought I would be locked in Greece forever.

Greece is the cutest. ever.

I found this house on the way out and thought it was the cutest thing.
I told my husband if we ever lived in Greece, we would move to this house. ha
I could say "cute" 100 more times this post, I don't know how else to describe how "cute" Mykonos is.
Cutest thing.

#1. Walking through the little streets.
My mother-in-law and I could have spent another whole day there just to shop those streets.
#2. Oh and that guy in the middle was just roaming around the streets.No big deal. Just a pelican 2 times the size of Ryan.
#3. Oh and the gelato. Oh my gosh. One of the best of the trip. Who knew?!

It ended pretty dang good when we found a cute greek restaurant to try.
Oh my goodness the food was so good.
One of those perfect days you wish could last forever.

We will definitely miss you Mykonos.

Karina Marie Powell


  1. So cute! Where is your white cover-up from?

    1. Thank you sweet girl! And I got it at Marshalls! Best find ever! My mom has the exact same one from Nordstroms! Ha so I know it's there but I found it at Marshalls so check somewhere like there first! xo

    2. Where did you get your swimsuit too!!? I love how it looks like a little dress:) I noticed you were wearing something like this when you were pregnant, is it maternity? Because I will be pregnant during the summer this year and I was looking for a cute swimsuit

    3. Mary! Thank you! It is Juicy brand and I got it at a place called "Everything but Water" ( I believe they have a site online ) It is considered a "swim dress" so I would type swim dress into google! And hopefully it should pull up other brands. When I was pregnant I just got a swim dress one size bigger and it worked my whole pregnancy! HA They stretch and I love them! I hope that helps!

  2. Beautiful pictures! I can guarantee you I would have been traumatized as well :)

  3. Greece sounds absolutely amazing! Definitely on my list of places to go :)