Um yes, talk about a picture perfect couple.
A few days after we got home from Europe we flew to Utah for my cousins wedding.
Hello Jet-lag- ha Ryan was finally getting the hang of sleeping at night again.
I love this cousin of mine and he picked the cutest girl ever.
I'm so happy she is finally apart of our crazy Rascon Fam!
She is perfect and I love her!
They were married in the Salt Lake City TEMPLE and their sealing was beautiful.

I was beyond excited to see these two. Words can never describe how much I miss them living so far away!
If you get my huge chico family together, we can really dance up a storm.
It was one good party!
HELLO beautiful Utah mountains- HOW I HAVE MISSED YOU!
We headed up to our cabin for a few days. 
(Ryan has a thing with my little brother. It's the cutest thing,-they love each other.)
BBQ, Smores, golf, movies, and games...
It was so beautiful up there!

Aaron stayed through Sunday and then had to fly back for work.
I stayed the extra week with the babe.
I had a running buddy every day- miss my momma!
And Ryan was in heaven with all the attention from my fam.
It was perfect.
I love Utah summers with all my heart!!

Houston bound we went.
As hard as it is to say goodbye, it was one GOOD reunion when this little boy saw his daddy!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Where is your cabin??!! it's INCREDIBLE!!!

    1. Court! It's in Heber!- So pretty up there! I love seeing pictures of your little boy! He is such a doll! xo

  2. Girl you should let me know when you're up here next & we'll do something! Hope you had a blast.

  3. Wow! What a great way to finish your trip to Europe! Such a beautiful cabin!

  4. Karina, I love reading your blog! Your little boy is so cute, and you are such a beautiful momma!!

  5. Have you ever done a makeup post? Cause ya should!