All about hair.


Hair Hair Hair.

I'm obsessed with hair.
(I REALLY need a little girl so I can pass my hair obsession on- but thats just another topic in and of itself :)

From the beginning of my blog I have received several emails about my hair.
Products, use, etc.

You guys, I'm so flattered! Seriously. Thank you.

Kind of out of my comfort zone talking about my own hair but just roll with it:)

I have never had short hair.
There are so many people that can pull of the darling pixie cut and I am sadly just not one of them.

That being said I'm addicted to my hair products and believe they work for ANY hair type or style.

Meet my darling sister Lauren.
She's 16, (I know she looks 20 but she's just a baby).
She's the cutest, sweetest, person you will ever meet and I love her more than words.

Lets talk about hair.
We both have naturally wavy hair.

Not curly, not straight just crazy thick (sometimes annoying) wavy hair.
If I don't put product in my hair it will frizz. (mostly just in Houston humidity)

I colored my hair ONCE in 8th grade and it went orange.
Worst idea ever.
Tried to fix it with highlights HA that turned out hilarious.

Anyways long story short, we skipped my 8th grade photos in our wedding slideshow.

After a few times of highlights, by 10th grade I decided to just let it grow back natural color.

And here we are today natural and color free.

Just FYI:  Lauren on the other hand has NEVER colored her hair.

Yes, you are about to be insanely jealous.
That one blonde streak she has is her BIRTHMARK.

I have never heard of such a thing.
She's just perfect and got the good gene in the fam.

We are obsessed with Aveda products.

Ever since I was 12, I have been going to the same Aveda salon to get my hair trimmed.
(hence why I only get my hair cut in Utah when I visit, ha I'm not very trusting with hair)

Their products totally protect from the heat of the blowdryer, straightener and curling iron and keeps your hair smooth and shiny.

Shampoo and Conditioner:

Because of my dad's work we grew up always using Nuskin Shampoo & Conditioner
I LOVE their shampoo and conditioner (I also love Aveda shampoo and conditioner).

Heat protector and shininess:

As soon as we get out of the shower we use Aveda's SMOOTH INFUSION
It's a heat protector and keeps your hair so smooth and unfrizzy.
I'm addicted.

Frizzy hair/ dry end smoother:

If you live in a humid place or if you just have frizzy hair you need THIS Aveda Brilliant Pomade
Put it in the ends of your hair and it will keep your ends looking smooth.

(be careful because it is intense stuff! The little tub lasts me about 8 months. 
So just get a little and run it through your hair ~ too much will make your hair look greasy.

For volume:

Spray in your roots when blowdrying each layer.
It's amazing.

As far as Styling:

I use a big roll brush when I blow dry it.

I first tip my head over and blowdry to get most of the water out.
It should feel almost dry.

Then I go by layer to round brush it and spray in my volumizer in the roots of each layer as I go.

Using the roll brush, makes it so I hardly have to use a straightener or curling iron.
I'm a stickler on not damaging my hair so I love not having to use too much heat.

(In Houston I do have to use the straightener more often to keep it so it doesn't go crazy wavy.)

***FYI: This is NOT a sponsored post.
This is all my own opinion and these are just the products that have worked for me and that I love.

Happy hair doing ladies!

"Healthy happy hair, healthy happy girl"
I just made that up ha but I'm convinced it's true!

Side note: My sister and I have the same closets....

We told our mom, it's ok, because we live 1200 miles away from each other.
But when we are together, we match way too much for our own good.

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Bahh this post makes me wish I grew up with a sister! Thank goodness for sister in laws though. You and your sister are so cute. Cherish that special relationship forever! :)

  2. Ahh seriously you both have perfect hair. Ill have to try some of those products!

  3. I am so happy you posted this!!!!!! Going hair product shopping tomorrow!

  4. Oh I have SUCH hair envy of both of you girls! What a fun post. You two are so gorgeous!!! xx

  5. Not only are the two of YOU insanely adorable, but your hair? Both insanely GORGEOUS! & a blonde birthmark!?! Well, I'm jealous!!!

  6. so so cute, best hair ever.. love your.tops.. where are they from??
    what does your dad do, that.helped with the type of products?
    love it :-)

  7. hey ohhhh! Hair envy at it's best.

  8. I'm so glad you did this post because I'm ob-SESSED with your hair! It's perfect!! Totally going to get some Aveda products now. I think I have the same hair type as you (thick and wavy! definitely not as pretty) so I bet they would work for me, too!

    Looks like y'all are having the best time in Utah! Your parents' house is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  9. You both do have gorgeous hair! I will have to look for some of these products- my hair is naturally thick and wavy, too and the Georgia humidity is killer. Also, my hair is still growing back from having my son, so I have these awesome 2 inch long baby hairs that stick straight up. I feel like my awkward year is happening all over again at 27 ;)

  10. Your hair! Both of you!! Love it, gorgeous shine & color. What does your dad do, that you get such fab products??

  11. I want to purchase some nuskin shampoo and condition. Do you know any coupon codes by chance? Also would you reccommend nuskin or aveda shampoo more?