Mr. Ryan and Miss Ellie

We had the cutest visitors while we were in Utah!
This crazy world of social media has brought the best of friends.
Ryan and I adore these two!

Alexa and I have a lot in common- 
our faith, same age, same age siblings, etc. and our babies just happen to be a month apart.

It's fate!

Here's to secretly hoping these two will fall in love one day so we can be related.

The babies had a hay-day in my parents house.
Basketballs, playroom, splash pad, and pb&js.
What more could you ask for as an "almost two year old"?!

Talk about a perfect afternoon.
Until our next Utah visit you two! xo

Side note that Alexa is super talented and has the most darling shop!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. ooohhh how cute are they!! they need to get married, their kids will have the most amazing eyes haha!

    Oh your parents house, I just want to sleep there for a night hahaha!!! STUNNING!

  2. Arranged marriage? Yes! We love you guys, thanks for the most perfect day ever. We miss you!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Okay seriously! How sweet are these two together? I can't get over it! And a splash pad in the backyard, those grandparents know what there doing! haha

  4. So cute! Your parents know how to keep the kids happy, so much to do for them!

  5. Awww, I follow both you and Alexa, so I LOVE this post! So super cute!!!

  6. This is precious!! I love seeing the fun things you do with Ryan and get excited for next summer with my boy (since they're about a year apart). I took carter to the splash pad this week, but the poor thing scratched his toes all up crawling around so next year will be a little better when he is walking!