Cutest playroom on earth.

I'm biased,
but I think my parents created the cutest playroom I have ever seen.
I flew up to Utah before the Parade of Homes to help my mom put this together.
It was a dream.

There are 6 kids in my family (I am the oldest) (3 boys, 3 girls) and we each had a say in what "store" we wanted.
I bet by the end you can guess which one I chose:)

My parents had the initial idea to do a "Times Square" NYC type thing,
hence calling the playroom "Wood Square" ( on the clock tower in above picture ) - our last name.

My mom wanted it to be a place where all ages could play, not just little kids.
(I think she conquered that request, I found myself in there almost as much as Ryan was)
Upstairs you have an
Art Studio.
a Games room,
"Trainville" with a Brio Train table- Ryan's favorite.

Stuffed animal shop- my youngest sister chose that one ha.
"Hotel" sign is pointing down because the "Hotel" is underneath.

And a library. Ryan was in heaven reading book after book in this little loft with my siblings.

"Drive in Movies" for the x-box, Wii, Etc.
Seriously a child's dream.

Bakery- with the cutest flooring ever.

My sister and I made a cute menu board and made up a cute "Grandma's Cookies" recipe.
(seeing as this playroom is for Ryan and their future grandchildren)

Candy shop.
Brother's choice.
It takes a lot of will power to not eat candy all day long having this down the hall from your bedroom door.

Lego Shop.

P.S. (the ropes and the plastic on the carpet is all for the Parade of Homes when these photos were

And one of my favorites.
The boutique.

With every Disney dress up imaginable.
I would have been in heaven as a little girl!

Next you have the salon.
The shop my 16 year old sister and I had a big say in:)

Mini Nail and Hair salon.
The little chair is actually a salon chair that goes up and down- cutest ever.

My 10 year old sister picked a "Doll Spa" for her American Girl dolls.

And the kids favorite.
The hotel.

My mom was able to fit 8 build in bunk beds.
They each have their own little reading lights and cubby.
Pretty sure we will all pile in here on Christmas Eve.

Mom, you outdid yourself.

The last little touch was the tree bookshelves.
It's a little hard to tell but the window bench has chains on each side hanging from the tree to look like the bench is a tree swing.

**Photographs by Cristi Bastian

It was pretty hard to pull Ryan out of this room.
He knew right where to go when he woke up every morning.
Thanks to my darling mamma for letting me share the cutest room in their house.

Karina Marie Powell


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