Lately, and currently...

I told Houston to dial down the humidity.
Sauna central.
I think you burn calories by just walking out your front door.
(But it is really green and beautiful)

Wishing I could handle the humidity as cool as this kid.
Seriously child.

"I spy with my little eye two little tootsies."

"Ohhh it's Ryan!"
How does this game not ever get old for him!?

He is my mini Aaron that is attached at my hip.
Don't mind my hair that I didn't even try to straighten when I looked at the humidity percentage for the day on my phone.

The best kind of date night.

SERIOUS Peach heaven lately.
I have at least one a day.
Tried this ridiculously EASY 3 ingredient peach cobbler recipe.
Turns out it actually works.

Because running is the best high.
My favorite way to start a day.

Ryan may have more friends than I do.
This is Lee. His best buddy.

And I'm currently in Chicago for a girls weekend with 2 of my favorite people!
(more to come!)

Slightly missing my baby!
First time away from him for more than 24 hours and crazy anxious about it!
(is this normal?!)

Karina Marie Powell


  1. you just reminded me that i have some peaches in the fridge, i think i'll have one with lunch! :)

    have SO much fun in chicago!! can't wait to see the pictures... my brother used to about an hour north, so we visited a couple times and i really loved it there... a fun, clean city (compared to atlanta) and lots to do and eat! and yes, i think i will always be anxious leaving my boy for any amount of time- we haven't gone anywhere overnight without him yet, but i think i will be a nervous wreck.

  2. that temple is BEAUTIFUL!
    is that the houston temple?
    love it!!

  3. Houston is the best! Growing up with that temple in my ward boundaries and getting married there, that temple have a special place in my heart. So glad that you get to experience the amazing state of Texas!