Dominican Republic Part 4

Nothing beats that feeling of finishing those 3 years of grad school and taking off to a beautiful island.

We were pretty sad to leave!
I took off to Utah and haven't had a chance to post the final segment of our beautiful trip.
It was heaven.

He's like a 10 year old- always wanting to see how far he can throw a pinecone.

I still dream about the endless virgin Pina Colada's we ordered every day.

I fell in love with this beautiful place!

We stayed Here at Sanctuary Cap Cana.

If you are looking for a relaxing, QUIET, lay by the pool vacation and a beautiful white sandy beach I would totally recommend it.
Perfect for what we needed after a stressful couple months:)
A thanks to my wonderful in-laws for the perfect graduation present.
WE love you Dominican!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. What a beautiful place! Baby boy looks like he had a good time! What an amazing present from your in-laws!

  2. Definitey going to have to check out this little slice of heaven for a future vacay! So glad you guys had fun!