When in Chicago...

I met my darling sister and mom in Chicago for a little girls weekend.

Best idea ever.

So obviously, I am no Chicago expert,
seeing as this trip is only the second time I have visited and
we were just able to spend 3 days in the beautiful city this past weekend,

However, besides the ridiculously good shopping and sales,
(don't mind my crazy double jointed arm in this picture)

I have compiled my own personal top five "musts" if you ever find yourself in Chicago!

#1. Little Eataly.
Closest thing to the real Italian pizza, I have ever had.
And the gelato?!
I'm still dreaming about it.

We were there 3 nights and we went to Eataly 2 of the 3.
It's worth it.
Totally a must.

#2. Navy Pier

Beautiful and you can see the whole city.

Plus there is the cutest ferris wheel over looking the city and mini amusement park.

The best way to see the city, in my opinion.

#3. Ghirardelli Chocolate, and the Hershey's store.
Hershey's store is self explanatory.
I go mainly to hold the biggest Hershey Kiss, and plus, I like seeing candy in Jumbo size.

I have no idea what this picture is for, but it's on my camera.
I wonder what those people to our right are looking at? My mom and I obviously missed it. ha

And Ghirardelli, 
Need I say more.
Getting our own sundae was the best decision of the trip.
And they give you a free chocolate when you walk through the door.

#4. American Girl Doll Store
I felt like I was 8 years old again.

Even if you aren't buying a doll go see the cutest shops and bakery.

My sister was a lot cooler than I was when she was little and she modeled for American Girl Doll.
She found herself in their book.
She's kind of a big deal.

#5. Garrett's Popcorn
It's unbelievable and the 20 minute line is worth the wait!

3 out of 5 of my "Musts" are related to food. Ha
You can see where our priorities lie:)

Just a few other random things I feel the need to tell you about.

Nordstrom Rack has really cute summer hats.
All colors.

We saw a bean looking thing that was cool.
And apparently it's famous or something because it was packed with people.
We didn't read up on any history but it looked sweet.

There's something about running around in a big city with your best friends.

Thanks for the memories Chicago!
If only I could pack these two ladies in my suitcase and take them back to Houston with me.

I survived my first few nights without my baby.
My sweet in-laws watched him for a few days as Aaron is MIA with the bar being this coming week.
It was the most boring plane ride I have had in two years.
Turns out, babies make plane rides a little harder but a lot more entertaining. :) 

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Looks like such a fun trip! You are so cute!


  2. oohhh how.fun!!!!..every girl needs.to do this with their momma and sister!!!
    can u start linking the clothes you are wearing, you.always look.fabulous!!

  3. Love Chicago! only been once but I dream about going back again some day! Looks like so much fun!

  4. All your outfits are to die for. Seriously, cutest sisters ever xx

  5. Where is your sisters cute white skirt from?

    1. It's from J Crew Outlet! I have the same one and I love it!! xo

  6. Your show stoppers. I bet you turn a lot of heads.