"Mom" to me... and to Ryan.

My baby calls me "Mamma" and my mom, "Mom"
(He thinks there is a difference)

It's hilarious.

We were in Utah for about a month total this summer and I guess listening to all my siblings shout "MOM" all day long stuck.

He thought he should call her that too.
He will see her down the hall and yell out "MOM!"

So instead of "grandma" for now she is "mom".

One more person to be yelling out your name mom...
I'm sure she is thrilled :)

Plus, I think she looks way too young to be a grandma.

So mom, just when you thought your youngest child was 10,
you gained a 23 month old... congratulations.

Missing these two already! 
1200 miles away is just too far.

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Your family is absolutely beautiful!

  2. That's funny how they pick up things we say. Mine call my mom "mom" too. There was a time where they were calling me "Stacey." lol

  3. That's too cute! It's amazing how kids pick up on stuff. At least he's observant :P

  4. Such a pretty group of girls! You got good genes girl!


  5. Where'd you get your shirt? It's so pretty!

  6. Gorgeous girls!! So cute that he calls her Mom!