A weekend of Santa.

So, Ryan has a SEVERE case of Stranger Danger.
Started when he was about 7 months old and has only gotten worse with age HA

I knew Santa could be rough given last years experience.

However, lately he has started to think Santa is pretty cool.
I was pleasantly surprised in our conversations this week with his response to these 3 questions I asked him each day,

"Are you excited to see Santa!? 
Are you going to sit on his lap? 
Are you going to tell him what you want for Christmas??"

He excitingly would say "YES!" to every question followed by "Santa nice, mommy"
( HAHA I clearly engrained in his head how "nice" Santa is )

He even woke up one morning and asked "Mommy, Santa lap today??"

I was beginning to think he had turned a new leaf.

We headed to "Kringles Corner" last Saturday night with high hopes of a happy 2 year old.

While we waited in line, Ryan couldn't get enough of the reindeer, trains, and Christmas Trees.

He watched as each child sat with Santa.
Aaron and I did our best to distract him when the screaming children got on board. HA
Santa even caught his eye and waved at him, Ryan waved back.

So many times he asked for a treat and I told him,
"If your a happy boy, as soon as you get off Santa's lap you can have a treat"
( Bribing at it's finest )

But the happiness faded fast when we stuck him on Santa's lap.
Oh the horror. ^
Poor Santa.
Such a sweet old man just taking our child's screaming like a champ.

Oh well. There's always next year.

As soon as Aaron took him off Santa's lap,
Ryan was as happy as a clam.

"Treat" was the first thing he asked for.
Awesome. Child.

^^ He even told Santa what he wanted for Christmas and left with a high five. ^^

At our ourdoor mall there is a "dancing tree" or so Ryan calls it.
The lights change to music and it's pretty incredible.
I felt like belting out "Oh Christmas Tree" while watching it.

^^ December nights are oh so magical! ^^

And what's a Saturday night without ice cream!?
Ryan ordered all by himself and said "chocat, ice cream, pleeese"
( Chocolate - which by the way is totally from his dad, I'm Vanilla through and through )

Happy Tuesday! XO

Karina Marie Powell


  1. awww so much for that santa! lol. we'll probably be having the same reaction over here. at least he looked SUPER cute ;)

  2. What is it about that jolly old man that scares the daylights out of kids?! I mean he smiles constantly and bears presents :P What's not to love about him?! But at least, it does make for funny pictures to look back on as the babies get bigger! Here's to hoping next year is more of a success :P

  3. Haha! I'm curious to see what reaction we get from our 2-year-old this weekend! Last year he just sat totally stiff & straight-faced ha!

  4. Sooooooo stinking cute!! Mia definitely wasn't a fan of Santa either :) ha ha! This seriously sounds like a perfect weekend!