Favorite Christmas Traditions - By "Ellie Love"

Today, I'm so excited to have my sweet, beautiful friend Caley sharing her favorite family Christmas traditions.
She is an absolute doll and you will fall in love with her darling girls and family!
Plus, she is from South Africa and I LOVE reading their adventures on her side of the world!

P.S. HAPPY Christmas WEEK! Oh my goodness we are so excited over here!

Hi there, my name is Caley and I blog over at Ellie Love. I'm a twenty-something wife and mom living in sunny Durban, South Africa. I met my knight in shining armour MC in 2006 and we became husband and wife in 2010. We have two precious little girls: SJ who is 2 and a half and EN who is seven months. I am a qualified teacher but enjoying life as a stay at home Mom. My little blogging space is all about me, my family, our life, travels, home and all the fun things we get up to as well as the hardships we may face in life, marriage and parenting. 

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year...
Such a happy, joyful and giving time with special friends and family. And there is no greater gift than seeing Christmas through the eyes of a child - all the fun, all the joy, all the laughter, all the gifts, all the giving and as a growing family, the new traditions.

I love all the different holidays but Christmas is by far the best. And even more so, now that I am a Mommy and we get to share and enjoy in special family traditions together. This year, I have decided to share a few of our favourite Christmas traditions...

1. Buy a real Christmas tree
MC and I bought our first real Christmas tree last year and it was the best tradition we have started. There is something more magical about the size, greatness and green fir twigs of a real Christmas tree - as well as the fact that the money for the tree is donated to a special charity every year. Unfortunately, our local tree farm is only open from the end of the first week in December which puts a delay on decorating but it is definitely worth it!

2. Christmas Decorations
There are pros and cons to decorating a house with a toddler - the joy and excitement on her face is priceless and the shrieks of delight when the lights turn on warm my heart BUT those little fingers get into everything from ornate tree decorations to glitter flying everywhere - it can be hazardous! She also has a tendency to RUN past the tree threatening to bring it crashing down at every turn! We decorate the tree together as a family and the man of the house puts the gold star on the top of the tree before we finally switch on the twinkling lights.

3. Christmas pyjamas 
This is a little tricky for us because the stores in South Africa don't really sell Christmas pjs and international stores only sell Winter pjs which are a little warm for our SA Summer. This year we managed to get warm ones as we will be in London for Christmas. But really, is there anything cuter than a little tot in Christmas pjs?

4. Advent Calendar
Now that SJ is a toddler and can appreciate the fun activities and treats, I made up an advent calendar for her this year. We sat and made a plan of fun activities (crafts and baking) to outings (Christmas carols and photos with Santa) to little treats (Christmas parties and watching Christmas movies). SJ has loved these fun times together and eating the little treats too.

5. Photos with Santa
These are very important keepsakes and memories but I have to admit, I haven't seen too many good photos - little kids almost all seem to be terrified of the fat man with a white beard. SJ loves the idea of Santa (and all the presents he will bring) but she was a little apprehensive sitting on his lap. Little sister was looking across for reassurance!

6. Christmas Lunch
We celebrate Christmas in SA in Summer so Christmas Day is normally hot and humid and spent outside or in the pool. This also means that we enjoy a delicious Christmas lunch rather than dinner. We love cooking up a feast of turkey, chicken, gammon, roast potatoes and vegetables as yummy desserts like brandy pudding and mince pies. 

Thank you for having me gorgeous friend.
Looking forward to chatting to your special blog friends too.
Merry Christmas from Ellie Love

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Aw my friend, you are too kind - thank you for the sweetest introduction! I am honoured and blessed to be sharing on your blog today! Thanks for having me x

  2. Love all these ideas, we don't do Christmas pj's but we do all go to bed wearing new ones every Christmas Eve!

  3. what an adorable little family, i will definitely be checking out her blog as well :)