Thanksgiving weekend.

Thanksgiving weekend is the best.
Besides Thanksgiving day with really good food, my birthday usually falls somewhere inbetween.
Which makes for the best weekend ever.

In the past, Thanksgiving weekend has meant that Aaron is piled high with stress for final studying and homework.
This was the first year without one notecard or book carried around all day.

So I was completely SPOILED having him all to myself.

My birthday fell on Black Friday.
If you knew me, you would know that a 'Black Friday birthday' is a dream birthday for me!

Shop all. day. long.

And that's just what my mother - in - law and I did.
Good deals make me so happy!

I know some people hate the crowds of people on Black Friday, but I love the hustle and bustle.

Thanksgiving night, Ryan spent the night at my in-laws house and Aaron and I went out at 11 PM to shop ToysRUS for Ryan.

It was heaven for us.

Ry semi - understands what's going on for the first time so picking out what we wanted to get him for Christmas, was a dream.

Aaron and I even splurged this year ( first time ever ) ha and bought a new TV at Best Buy for our 'soon to be' first home!
We will taking movie night to the next level and you are all welcome to come watch movies with us.
I'm kind of excited about it.

On my birthday, my mother - in - law and I were up at 5:45 AM.
Don't do the math - I think I got 1 hour of sleep that night HA

We shopped every store possible and then spent 6 hours at the outlets.
I was on pure adrenaline.
My boys were right by my side all day ( TOTAL troopers ) and it was so wonderful!

My birthday ended with my favorite birthday cake from my sweet in-laws - 
Birthday cake ice cream cake with sprinkles.

My child got a little excited and was caught red handed sneaking whipped cream. ^^

24 is going to be a good year.

(( Thank you for all the sweet birthday wishes - seriously made my day! ))

And now for my favorite moments of Thanksgiving weekend in pictures...

Ryan acquainting himself with the Sting Rays.

We spent an afternoon at the Houston Downtown Aquarium. 
We rode a train, saw every fish imaginable and Ryan was on cloud nine.
He kept saying, "LOOK! Mommy! HUGE fish!"
"LOOK! Mommy! Baby Fish!"

Ryan's favorite part was the white tigers.

My in-laws got him two white tiger Souvenirs to take home - a baby tiger and a mommy tiger.
Or so Ryan calls them.
He will not go anywhere without them now.

Say Hello to Baby Tiger.^^

Ended the weekend by spending Saturday in Canton with my turkey leg and roasted corn.
( Aaron laughs every time he watches me carry my 5 pound turkey leg around town )

Canton, Texas is about a 3 hour drive from Houston and it's incredible.
We made it a day trip to meet Aaron's grandparents there - a lot of driving for a day but it's pretty amazing.
I can't even describe it, you will just have to see it for yourself one day.
It's a HUGE market on multiple acres, with vendors of every kind and everything "Christmas" you can imagine.

Ryan's favorite part of Canton was petting random strangers dogs.
Awesome, child who knows where those have been.

We packed so much into four days that I'm convinced my body is still trying to catch up on sleep.

The best part of Thanksgiving weekend is spending time with the people you love most.
So grateful for this season.
For my Savior,
my sweet husband,
for family, friends,
and for the chance I have to be a mother.

Hope everyone had the most wonderful 4 day weekend!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. You are the cutest little mom! I am glad you had a happy birthday, & thanksgiving!! Nothing better than a good deal on black friday :)


  2. sounds like a fun weekend!! And Happy 24th Birthday! Shopping + Birthdays = the BEST

  3. ryan cheesing in that last picture is so sweet! looks like such a fun weekend! and yay for birthdays!

  4. oh, p.s. love your lip color in the last picture, what is it!?

  5. Love that last picture!!! You just have the most beautiful family!! :)

  6. Just the sweetest birthday & weekend, love!!!!! 24 Is going to be a good year!!!

  7. Happy birthday pretty lady! And seriously, shopping all day? Perfect birthday!

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  8. Happy birthday to you! Sweetest pictures ever! I'm totally with you on loving the hustle & bustle of shopping during the holiday season & on black friday! it's invigorating haha!

  9. Nailed it! Happy birthday to you! What a perfect birthday. I love love love black Friday shopping too, especially for my little ones. My husband and I stayed up that night organizing the loot into piles for each boy, what Santa will bring, and what to wrap under the tree. Sooo exciting! And yeah, that five pound turkey leg looks totally out of character! Haha. Love that you do that.

  10. Sounds like a fabulous birthday my special friend - HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN!!!

  11. Best weekend ever!! I love all the shopping you did! If only we lived near shopping (my husbands home town is even worse than Cedar... Delta! UGH!) I love how hardcore you are :) I'm surprised you even went to bed that night, HA!
    Seriously sounds like the best birthday! You deserved it, girlfriend!!