Ryan's 12 days of Christmas - Day 1 - Decorating his very own tree

I came up with an idea to do a "12 days of Christmas" for Ryan.

Christmas time was always so special growing up and my parents went out of their way to make it a big deal for us kids.
I want Ryan to look back and feel the same way about his childhood.

It is so exciting right now because he is finally understanding and communicating almost sentences.

He's like a sponge just soaking in everything you say.

Each day for 12 days we will do a Christmas related activity as a family ( or just as Ryan and I ) ,
in hopes of teaching him about Christmas through these twelve activities I have planned for him.

For day #1, we put up his first Christmas tree.
I loved the idea of him having his own little tree for his room and decorating it with his own ornaments.

We took him to Hobby Lobby about a week ago and let him pick out his little 4 foot tree.

Along with the tree we let him pick out about 8 ornaments to put on the tree that he will add to with each coming year.

He picked quite the collection of ornaments and it was so fun to see his little personality come out with each one he chose.

The plane was a given. He's obsessed with flying.

The others were as follows, 

A car with fire coming out of the engine...
A firetruck that says "I love my fireman" ( HA classic )
a train,
a dog,
a golf ball with a Christmas Hat,

and for my personal favorite,

The Santa Ice Cream Cone.
I was a little excited that this one made the cut in his favorites.

Watching his excitement as he put each ornament on the tree was so priceless.
Christmas music was playing and I teared up while holding my husband's hand watching our child decorate his first Christmas tree.

Life isn't always perfect, but this moment WAS perfect.

My heart is so full.

The night went on and Ry just stared at his little tree in amazement.
It was the sweetest thing.

Watching Christmas through his eyes is so magical.
I cannot contain my excitement for this whole entire month!

Stay tuned for our 12 days of Christmas throughout December! 
and Happy Thursday darlings! XO

Karina Marie Powell


  1. awww absolutely precious!!!! :)

  2. This is adorable - I never even thought of a small Christmas tree for SJ. Maybe we should... x

  3. What a fun idea!! I can't wait to see the rest of the days!

  4. Love this idea! And that you let him pick his own ornaments. How fun!! The pictures are too sweet :)

  5. I love those last two pics of you and Little Ryan! Such a special idea and such a special mommy and son bond you two have! Precious x

  6. what a great idea! I totally want to do this some day with my kids! ha! and the picture of him just looking at the tree. melts. my. heart! seriously the sweetest moment!

  7. This is the cutest idea! I love that you are teaching him what the true meaning of Christmas is, at such a young age. You are the best little mom Karina!


  8. This is so, so precious!!! I think I may borrow the idea and do the same thing for carter next year. Can't wait to see the rest of the days!

  9. Sweetest pictures!! You are the best mommy! I love the idea of letting him pick out ornaments! Now I wonder what Mia would pick (she would probably try to pick everrrrrrything, HA!)