Day 3 - Peppermint Muddy Buddies and The Polar Express

For Ryan's 3rd day of Christmas we made Peppermint Crunch Puppy Chow 
and topped it off with his very first time watching Polar Express for family movie night.

Polar Express is one of my favorite childhood Christmas movies and Ryan couldn't get enough.
He actually sat and watched the entire thing which has never happened in the history of his 2 year old life.

Ryan is obsessed with "helping mommy" lately.
( If only this could last until he was 18. )

"Dump out" he would say over and over as he dumped the Chex into the bowl.
He got a little carried away with the Chex and added one too many HA OOPS.

These Peppermint Muddy Buddies are 4 ingredients and are SO wonderful.

I'm kind of obsessed with them!

Plus every Christmas puppy chow recipe I looked up called for butter AND chocolate,
BUT this one has no butter...    just chocolate.

Somehow in my mind this makes it healthy puppy chow ?? HA 

( However, regardless of how healthy I have told myself they are, ;) I have to be careful when making them and take half of it to other people so I don't eat the whole batch myself )

We kept things classy and Ryan ate them right out of the bowl Saturday morning.

On top of the table,
Powdered sugar covering our kitchen,
In his jammies,
while wearing his beanie he asked to wear when he woke up.

Awesome. Child.

** Don't worry we didn't take this batch to people.
They would have gotten a wonderful dose of Ryan with their puppy chow.

Gosh I'm obsessing over this time of year with kids!
Everything is so new and exciting and it makes me so happy.
He woke up the next morning asking to watch "the train" so I'm assuming Polar Express was a hit too. :)

Happy Thursday Lovelies! XO

Karina Marie Powell


  1. so fun! I think I may just have Harper help me make some of this this weekend! We'll see how a 19 month old does with cooking haha

  2. Love this tradition Karina!

  3. I love those pics of him on the table! He is looking so grown up and big lately-where did our babies go?!?!?

  4. So ok, I'm so going to have to start the 12 days of christmas with my boys tomorrow. I love what you have done so far. So I have a question for you. Could you share with me the rest of your 12 days? Just like what you're going to do. I promise I wont tell a soul, and I'll still obviously read and see these adorable pics of ryan partaking of your awesome mom skills. But I'd love to know so I can prepare myself. :)