Day 5 - Christmas Sugar Cookies

For Ryan's 5th Day of Christmas, we made Christmas Sugar cookies.
I always grew up making Christmas Sugar Cookies and I had to have Ryan experience it with my siblings!
He was in heaven the whole time.
Every time I turned away he snuck cookie dough.

I have no idea how he finished the night "tummy ache free"

Christmas tunes were jamming and cookies were flying out of the oven.
The best. EVER.

Frosting tester :)

Rolling pin and a 2 year old is a little dangerous combination.
He was swinging that thing around like a baseball bat - luckily we all came out unharmed. HA

Waiting on the cookies to come out of the oven.
"Cookieee done now?"

Food coloring galore.

I'm hoping it dumps snow like no tomorrow and we get snowed in :)
But seriously.
Crossing my fingers for a white Christmas! 
Come on UTAH!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. aww how fun!! Our first Christmas as a married couple was a white Christmas! :)

  2. these pictures are SO precious... and i love that you have a big family, SO much fun for the kiddos especially around the holidays!!!

  3. Adorable Karina. Of course. So glad Ryan is getting all that time with aunts and uncles. It's the best!

  4. Just as it starts snowing I head home to Saint George!! Ugh!

  5. Those look perfectly delicious! We've been making cookies here too. Messiest family bonding activity. Love it!

  6. You take the best pictures!! They are always so gorgeous.

  7. Okay this is too fun, your pictures are amazing! We haven't had time to make sugar cookies yet but I want to!

  8. ohhhh man that looks like so much fun!!!