Ball games and some Pizza.

My family is big on basketball games,
especially when it comes to BYU.
We are die hard fans.

We did go to one Jazz game - and I always love going to NBA games.
Except for the fact that my husband is a DIE HARD Houston Rockets fan and he dislikes the Jazz.
He loves going because it's a sporting event ( and he is obsessed with anything sporting wise ) but secretly he is probably cheering for the other team. HA

The boys went to 6 basketball games in 2 weeks.
That is pushin it for us ladies.
HA we went to the 3 best games and called it good!
( As much as I really do like going to games - (( I grew up going to them ))

Most of the games were way past Ryan's bedtime, but the time he did get to come with us,
Cosmo ( the BYU mascot ) gave him the game of his life.

If you follow my Insta you probably saw the video of him dancing with Cosmo.
They had a little dance off during a time out and it was the cutest thing!
Ry even made the big tron during the game!
First timer.
Talk about a dream game for a 2 year old.

Cosmo chilin with my dad.

Cosmo noticed Ryan right off and they became buddies throughout the game.

Cosmo Selfie ^^
The best part for Ryan ( besides dancing with Cosmo )
was the sweet Ref that gave Ryan the game ball to hold for about 1 minute during a time out.

He wasn't quite sure he wanted to give the ball up after a minute,
he thought it was the coolest thing ever. 

Baby handholding. Sweetest.

Jazz Game.

I spy my family and Aaron and I ^^^
( It's like where's waldo )

Too bad we couldn't fit that ball home in our suitcase, but thank you jazz dancer!
Ryan was in heaven.

And just because I am craving pizza right now...

Monday's Family night pizza nights don't get better than this.
One day, you all need to try my dad's Italian pizza.
There is nothing better.

Karina Marie Powell


  1. What a fun night....he's too cute and quite the star!! :) Hold up, though...does your dad have a brick oven IN his house??? Please tell me no or I'll die of jealousy!

  2. So fun!!!
    ok, I know random question, but i've seen your dad somewhere before, is he famous fir something??

  3. Oh my gosh... best basketball game EVER for Ryan!! How fun!

  4. That pizza looks sooo good! Drooling over here! And I love that pic of all three of you with Ryan's tongue hanging out!

  5. These pictures are fantastic! His little face is so serious - looks like he really loves the game!