Little Mr. Personality - Ryan at 2.4 years old

I'm slightly obsessing over this stage of "Ryanhood".
His little personality is peaking through more and more each day and I LOVE watching him grow.

( However, he is my baby and I'm wishing he would just stay this little forever )

He just learned how to sing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"
ALL by himself and he asks to sing them multiple times a day to me.
"Mommy, Listen... Yayan ( Stills calls himself Yayan ) Sing" - he says to me.

He has a dance move and he calls it the "Go Ryan" move.
It's his signature move.
Aaron and I are a little obsessed with it and we practice dancing every day.
He's got a little "swag" as my husband would say.

He hates the vacuum. He is absolutely terrified of the vacuum.
I made the mistake of pulling the hose off the vacuum and "slithering it like a snake"
screaming "It's a snake, it's a snake"!!
*Clearly an A+ move on my part.
In the process of slithering the hose like a snake, it got stuck to my shirt, ate half of my shirt and turned into a traumatic experience for both of us HA.


Now every time I pull out the vacuum to vacuum he shakes and cries yelling "No Vacuum! No Vacuum!"

CARS TRUMP ALL in Ryan's book.
At the ripe age of 2 he knows more about the bulldozer, and bucket truck, and digger than I ever will in my lifetime.

He has started saying prayers by himself every night and it's the cutest thing.
His "AMEN" is the loudest, most strong Amen I have ever heard.
It melts my heart!

One day we had a really crazy morning and Aaron was running to get out the door for work and I was running around trying to get things ready...
Aaron had kissed Ryan and I goodbye and had started to walk out the door when Ryan started to cry and scream "Prayers, Mommy! Daddy! Prayers! Forgot Prayers!"

Gosh, what would we do without this peanut running around our house!
He is our little angel.

Still asking me how many days until Santa comes again.
Awesome child.
I am thinking this will fade off but it's not looking promising.
 I think we are on 350 or something like that.

He asks for a Peanut Butter Sandwich about 3 times a day - not exaggerating.
I have to make him a green smoothie almost every day to make sure he is getting a few more nutrients in his diet :)
He is however, on a Salmon kick and I'm pretty happy he likes it considering Salmon is my all-time favorite thing.

And here he is showing his "blankie" that he will probably carry around until he is 15 at the rate he is going.
This piece of fabric causes so many tears!
"Obsessed" doesn't do it justice.
Ryan talks to it during the day and it concerns me a little HA.
"Blankie play cars? Blankie have milk?" - Seriously my child.

Ryan will be making an appearance on the blog here soon talking about his new house that we are moving into in a few weeks.
Stay tuned.

We love you to the moon Ry- man! You are our everything!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Precious. All Harper wants to eat is cheese, yogurt, bananas, and bread. Seriously? Where do they get this stuff? Oh to be a toddler and be so small!

  2. He is seriously so gorgeous you're in so much trouble.

  3. Soak up every second, before you know it, they are going to school .. Insert me sobbing lol

  4. Love this!! He is so awesome. I had Micah on my lap when I read this and as soon as he saw a picture of Ryan he started giggling and pointing to it and jabbering haha I think he likes his little cousin? half cousin? cousin once remove? haha I have no idea what it would be called!

  5. oh goodness, my son talks to his "lion blankie" all the time!! Also his puppies; those four have good times together playing cars. So cute. haha

  6. What is it with kids and vacuums?! Our little girl was terrified of them when she was a little smaller. I've pulled it out so many times now...I think she's finally overcome it. However....she still hates the sound of public restroom dryers and toilets flushing. The child screams. lol

  7. so cute! the vacuum and your shirt--kills me. hahha and the prayer story! he is a little heart-breaker! next time you come to utah, we have to meet up! xoxo

  8. That is the CUTEST thing that he prays! He sounds like he has the biggest personality! And Chloe is scared of the vacuum too, she always runs and says, "Help me!"

  9. Gorgeous pictures! Such a handsome boy!

  10. Beautiful family. Could I ask what camera you shoot with??

  11. I just love absolutely everything about this - he is too stinkin cute! Our little SJ has also started saying her own prayers and it is too sweet listening to who she wants to pray for each night - and she also reminds us to say grace before dinner or wear our seat belts if we forget... x

  12. he is sooooo cute! seriously adorable

  13. Oh my gosh, he is going to be a heartbreaker when he's older! Gah. Can't handle so much cuteness in one post!

  14. I thought mangos were your all time favorite food?! ;) ha ha!
    Ryan is so stinking cute! I wish he and Mia could have play dates! Oh well... as long as they get married in the end, that's all that matters :)

  15. oh my goodness i love this post! isn't this age SO fun?! i swear i say it about every month at every age but it's just all so fun! i can't even get over all these pictures. my heart is melting!