Utah Wrap Up

I bet you can guess who's house this is....
( I went a little overboard with the gumballs )

The best Shrimp tacos in all the land.
( and sweet potato fries are my weakness )
Guru's - Provo, UT

My in-laws got my youngest brother a marshmallow gun shooter.
Coolest thing ever. 
Ryan wanted one for himself ( and so did my husband )

Hands down my favorite dessert in the entire world.
It's called Mud Pie.

My mom is incredible.

It's only taken a month to post all the odds and end pictures from Christmas time :/
However each picture tells a story and I wanted to remember it all.
Best December.
Best people.
Happiest New Year celebration.

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Sometimes I can't tell you and your sister apart. Ya'll look soooo much alike.

  2. Look at all that snow, what a beautiful place to live! Looks as though you guys had a wonderful visit!

  3. That Christmas tree is absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Your hair looks gorgeous! Beautiful photos:)

  5. Your pictures are the prettiest, I love them all!

  6. I just cannot get enough of your December pictures! Wow! x

  7. I still have posting about Christmas on my to-do list, so you're ahead of me! ;) Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. I love how you capture the little things!

  8. I love every single picture! And all the food. Oh my goodness, everything looks so amazing. I wish I could bake like that haha!