Last 2 weeks in the Powell household.

Packing and decluttering.
and packing. and packing. and packing.

It actually feels really good.
And I haven't minded the whole process... YET.
( Knock on wood )

I'm one of those people that loves to organize and LOVES the feeling you get after taking a load of trash to the dumpster knowing you just got rid of all that extra STUFF laying around your house.
( I'm a little weird )

( "where's Ryan!?!?" ^^ )

I have come to realize that I am NOT sentimental about many objects.
( I'm pretty fast to throw things away to avoid having extra "STUFF" laying around )
However, when it comes to clothes,
I have to admit, I am a bit of a hoarder.

I finally took my mom's advice- to take Opera's advice HA
and get rid of everything I never wear and every clothing item I think to myself, "one day I may wear it".
Because chances are, I won't wear it.

My mom is the queen of getting rid of things that don't need to be kept to take up "space".

10 trash bags to Goodwill later and some money made from selling stuff to Plato's closet and I feel so fresh and replenished!
I told Aaron I was going to make money and buy decor for our new house HA.
I don't think he actually thought I really would.

In the middle of all packing chaos,
we all came down with the flu.
I am one that is an AVID vitamin taker and health nut and I do not remember the last time I got sick like this!
2 weeks of sickness is just NO FUN.

Lots of soup ( Thanks to my mother - in - law ) and cuddles and we somehow made it out alive ;)

Today was the first day Ry and I actually got out and went somewhere ^^
We have been little "sickies'" cooped up!
And it felt so good to be outside again.

House. House. House. House.
Gosh we are so excited.
We have our final walk through in a week and then we close the week after that.
I will be talking more on the process later.. but it has been a dream process. we have loved every minute of building our first home.

I put our family room furniture on Craiglist 2 days ago thinking to myself, "hopefully it will sell in the next few weeks before we move"
( All furniture we have had since being first married but a little different style than our new house will be - hence the reason for selling )

Little did I know what would happen that day...

5 minutes after I put my couch on, I got a call from someone.... SOLD.
Coffee table and end tables - SOLD 30 minutes after listing it.
The sweet man that came to pick up the coffee tables asked if I was selling any decor...
He ended up buying everything - decor wise - in our family room - Clock, florals, lamps, etc.
then asked if he could buy our kitchen table.
Why not?!
( we were going to sell the table eventually, in the next few weeks, just maybe not right there and then but oh well! )

HAHA so moral of the story...
we have NOTHING on the bottom floor of our town home!

No couch, no table, everything is off the walls,
and we still have 2 weeks in this place.

It's a blessing it all sold so fast.. but now what? HA

Aaron made quite the bed of blankets on the floor the other night to watch a movie,
and we will somehow make meals work on the floor for the next 2 weeks HA.
( It's slightly pathetic! )

We did get a new couch and it will be arriving at our new home the weekend we move in.
As for the kitchen table, I guess we need to find one ASAP.

It's crazy over here, and so busy but we are trying to soak in the whole process.

We are just pretty excited us little sickies' made it out of the house today - OHH the little things!

P.S. have you seen THIS music video? Ry and I are loving this new song - Ryan has asked to dance to it every morning for the past week.

Karina Marie Powell


  1. so exciting!!! I can't wait to have a real house and not share a wall/floor with neighbors haha

  2. OOH this is all so exciting (the house /moving...NOT the flu... I came down with it myself last week and it is just plain AWFUL so sorry you have been dealing with that!!!)

    Glad y'all are on the mend!! Hope these next couple of weeks are painless in the transition and moving!
    :) Rebecca
    p.s. I am TOTALLY the girl who loves organization too!! :)

  3. this is all so exciting MINUS the flu! glad you are all better now! i'm SO excited to see your new house!!

  4. YAY!!! Such exciting news my friend - I can't wait to see your new home :) We also managed to sell our previous home furnished - best thing we ever did and managed to start a new and fresh! Sorry about being sick, hope you are all better x

  5. so exciting!! i'm standing on pins & needles i'm so excited to see how everything turned out haha i'm pathetic, i know!!
    so happy you're all feeling better - the flu is THE worst!!

  6. So exciting...we have ben eating/living with minimal furniture, too, until we move this weekend...thank goodness for lawn chairs!! I can't wait to see your finished house, and I hope everyone is better. There is SOMETHING going around everywhere - everyone is sick. Happy Thursday!!

  7. Oh my goodness, his hats - just SO cute. I'm glad you are all feeling better again!

  8. i LOVE packing and throwing things away! haha! it is THE best. I can't wait to see pictures of your new place! And how exciting that everything got sold! that must feel SO good!!

  9. How exciting! I love to throw away/sell things. It's a great feeling!

  10. I am SO sentimental and it is hard for me to let go of things with a memory attached. :D How do you do it?!

  11. I seriously bawled like a baby when my husband and I sold our first, 18 inch flat screen. I get WAY too attached to inanimate objects! :) I'm so excited for you and can't wait to see your new house. Also, you will have to give decorating tips once it's all set up. It's so fun to start fresh! :) Congrats cute girl!