We touched down to Houston late last night and we are back getting in the groove of things!
( Can I just tell you how much I dislike unpacking - THE WORST )

Being on vacation for a few weeks was a dream!
Utah was perfect and I miss my family already.

I have a lot of catching up to do - blog wise!
Until then, a few random things over the last few days!


Favorite Game - Headbands Disney Style
Thanks to my 'mother - in - law' my littlest sis got it for Christmas.

We are having to wash this blanket every other day with every where it gets dragged.
He can't survive without it.
I am dreading the day we ever try to break this from him.

( he's like the little kid "Linus" on 'Charlie Brown' HA )

This is Zoomer, the closest thing my family will get to a pet dog.
My littlest sister got it for Christmas and has been "training" the dog for the last 2 weeks.

( Yes apparently you train the robot dog )

For about a week my poor sister couldn't understand why it wouldn't listen to her commands...
My dad was the dog hero when he found out it was in "ESPANOL" mode HAHAHA - little Chico dog.
Once we changed it over to english mode, the dog trained like a champ.

Ryan was running around the house yelling "COME DOG! SIT DOG! LAY DOWN DOG!" HA

Cosmo Selfie.

A family that works out together - stays together

My mom is the lap swimmer of the family in the back room HA
I have no idea how she does that for 60 minutes.
I can pound the pavement running for 60 minutes but I try to swim for about 10 minutes and DIE.

My 3 siblings, dad, husband, and I met in the gym almost every morning at 7:30 AM for circuit training.
( We clearly are not people that sleep in - HA )
We had to work off all those holiday goodies somehow.

We had someone on the stair stepper, the bike, the treadmills, the rower and free weights.
After about 15 minutes on each one we would switch to the next machine.
Quite the calories being burnt.

Jazz Game Family Selfie

Cinnamon Roll heaven... My mom is amazing.

Snowy nights.
I love them.
So pretty.

My favorite place.
Family Temple Date.

Not every one was too excited to bring in the New Year.
 ^AKA our little screaming toddler ^

But I AM SO excited.
Happy NEW YEAR everyone! Fresh starts always feel so good.
I hope everyone had a wonderful and SAFE new year celebration!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time with the family! I'd agree that unpacking is the worst!

    How cute is the little man with this blanket thought? Just adorable!

  2. Oh Karina! I'm so glad you had a great time in Utah! Love your family's workout room! You guys are the cutest!

  3. Loving these fun photos! And I'm loving the family dates in the gym even more! No better way to work out!
    Does your family and your inlaws give gifts to each other?! That is the sweetest thing! I love how close your families are!
    Someday, someday we will be in northern Utah at the same time and we will be able to meet up!! It NEEDS to happen!

  4. what a fun trip, and I love that you all work out together, so much more fun then going by yourself! And the pool, I would probably drown after a minute. 60 minutes, no way!

  5. Hahaha my little sister was the same way with her blanket! My mum ended up cutting it in half just so they could wash it and she could still "have" the blanket. This continued onto primary school. My mum then cut a small square of the blanket and pinned it into her clothes so she could hold onto it at school too. I tell ya, it was a tough day when we finally "lost" the blanket. Good luck!

  6. What fun memories and times y'all had!! I am LOVING your blog and so glad that I discovered it and your IG feed a couple of months ago! I am embarrassed to admit that this is my first comment, but seriously so delighted to have found your blog!! Hope that you are settling back in!
    :) Rebecca