Temple Square, Gift Giving, and Snowman Slam

Temple Square is just slightly MAGICAL this time of year.
I planned out one of Ryan's 12 day's of Christmas for this night just because I knew he would love it.

The whole time he called out the colors of lights he saw...."Red lights, Yellow lights, Blue lights, Green lights"
( Good color practice buddy )

Watching the whole thing through Ryan's eyes was such a sweet experience for Aaron and I.
 I kept getting teary eyed!

The Salt Lake City Temple is so stunning.
I can't believe it's been 4 and 1/2 years since we were married there!

After a good walk around the lights,
we headed to the mall for some last minute Christmas shopping.

( SIDE NOTE that Nordstrom really knows how to decorate for Christmas ^^ I kind of want to put these in my house next Christmas HA )

Speaking of SHOPPING...
This brings me to my next "Days of Christmas" for Ryan.
Day 8.

When Aaron and I talked about the most important things we were going to focus on teaching Ryan for Christmas,
one of the things we talked about most was "the importance of giving, rather than receiving"
I really want him to understand that at a young age.

Ryan has a little best buddy that you have seen before on this blog.
His name is Lee.

I took Ryan to the store and let him pick out something little he wanted to give Lee for Christmas.
He chose a Lightning McQueen little car and a Mater book.

( Obviously Ryan chose something he wanted for himself HA )

As we drove home in the car, Ryan wanted so badly for me to "OPEN" the Lightning McQueen car so HE could play with it.
Even though he had one had home, it made it so much more cool that it was brand new.

He cried and cried.

I explained to him that we were going to give it to someone else for Christmas.
 And that it will make him feel really happy inside to make Lee happy on Christmas.

We went home and wrapped it all up,
I stuck a little bow on it and still Ryan cried wanting to open it. HA

HARD lesson to teach a two year old.

However after a little more explaining Ryan was ready to deliver.
He kept saying "Lee house, Give Lee present, Lee house"

It was such a sweet experience as a mom watching my little 2 year old give something to someone else that he really wanted for himself.

Not to say that he understood the concept completely, but after dropping it off at Lee's house,
we drove home and I asked him, "Ryan, do you feel happy inside for giving someone a gift?"
And he replied "Yayan happy, Mamma."
It made me so happy.

On a lighter note Day 9 we did Snowman Slam.
Thank you Pinterest.

Ryan was in HEAVEN.
Easiest thing to do for toddlers.

Get 6 cups,
cut and paste a little cardstock paper for eyes, nose, and mouth,
and roll up a pair of socks.

Annndd you have yourself a bowling alley for a toddler.

One of the best parts for him was being able to stack the cups back up each time after hitting them down.
It was quite the party over here!

Happy Tuesday all! XO

Karina Marie Powell


  1. cute, cute, cute. love that you're teaching Ryan to give at such a young age. and the snowman slam is super cute. we may just play that on a snow day at home :P

  2. what a cute little lesson! I wish I could have seen him give the gift--I bet it was darling! and that snowman bowling! so fun!!

  3. You are an amazing momma! Thanks for being such a great example.