Sneak peak.. Watching it come to life.

This whole building process has been a little surreal to us.
Now that it's coming to a close it's been so fun to look back on the last 5 months.

We had our FINAL walk through yesterday with our builder
( basically just 3 hours of lots of manuals of how to work the place HA )
and in one week, we get to officially make this house a HOME!
( I cannot believe we move in next weekend! )

Rewind time a little..

During Aaron's final months of Law School we looked into the option to build our first home.
For months we researched and went to model home after model home after model home.
With this being our first home, we budgeted both options of buying an existing home vs. building etc.

After lots of research, we found the area we wanted to live in and found a little floor plan that fit our stage of life perfectly.
 But somehow things just kept getting in the way and we kept pushing it back and pushing it back.

Fast forward a few more months and a couple too many bumps on the road of pregnancy :) ...
Aaron knowing my state of mind called me one day and said,
"Sweetheart. Let's do it. TODAY. Let's sign the papers and let's build this thing!"

One of THE BEST decisions we ever made.

Aaron knew we both needed something to keep our minds busy and not focus on the "complicated parts",
so that's just what we did.

That night we went and chose a floor plan, chose a lot, picked a builder and signed the papers.
Boom boom boom boom.

( Ryan at his future stomping grounds ^^ )

We got home really late that night and I remember being a little shocked, we both looked at each other like
"wait... did we just do that?!"

Next thing we knew we were in the design center feeling slightly overwhelmed HA. ^^

I had a color scheme in my head and knew EXACTLY what I wanted.

I wanted a bright, light, clean lined, and cozy looking home.
 I really wanted that to come across through the colors I chose.

Of course, with this being our first home and wanting to be selective of where we spent our money, we picked and chose where to upgrade.

The scary part is watching what you chose come out in real life.
A tiny little sample of wood, carpet, tile, and paint just doesn't do anything justice!
I will be honest and say I was totally nervous!
It's pressure knowing it was YOU who picked it out and if the colors look bad - your fault HA.

My husband is the sweetest, most easy going person. 
The "I love anything you love" type person when it comes to this kind of stuff. 
(  Now get him on the topic of politics or law and he has one strong opinion ) (( Hence his "Attorney" title ) )
With this project, he was basically just the "Okayer" and supporter on the price of my decisions HA.

All nervousness aside, watching it come to life has been the best part.
I have loved taking Ryan down there in the day and spending 30 minutes watching him run though the house.
He already knows where everyone's room is and makes sure you know where HIS room is.
( We have a guest room that he calls "Bampa's room" for when my parents come and stay HA )

Going through our "almost" finished home today made me so happy.
It's definitely something special when it's YOURS.
We watched every wall go up and it's pretty cool to see it all come to a close.

( still no cabinet knobs and a few other things but it's coming! ^^ )

Because we are having to get a lot of new decor and some new furniture for this home, I have been raiding Marshalls Homegoods and TJ Maxx!

Decor and furniture have been piling up in our garage!
Ha needless to say, my husband is obviously thrilled to come home from work and see my new finds taking up garage space :)
I'm so excited to see how it all comes together!

As far as kitchen details and home details, colors, etc. I promise I will get to all of those!

I will be picturing it as it gets clean / decorated and as we get settled :)
Ryan asks me every day "New house mommy?" So, we made a paper chain.
8 links and counting until he can run around and tear the place up for good :)
So excited.

Karina Marie Powell


  1. White kitchens are the best! Cannot wait to see what else you chose. It took me forever to pick out a backsplash!
    I love your son's outfit. He is so darling!

  2. So exciting. The thought of building a home used to terrify me so we purchased a newly remodeled home four years ago. Now that the thought isn't too scary, we plan to build one in a few years once we have our current home paid off. Can't wait to see all of your selections!

  3. Congratulations! What a lovely kitchen - my hubby and I are also starting to look at homes and we are so excited! Picking everything out is so much fun :)

  4. Yay!!! Almost there! We bought a townehome that was being built, so we were able to choose everything on the inside, and I was SO nervous too. I thought the same thing: there was no other person to blame a bad looking kitchen on. But it all came out beautifully, as I am sure your home is. :) congrats again!

  5. i am sooo excited for you! like literally cannot wait for you to move in! we are looking at building too--how about you just take a little trip to utah and help me choose everything? deal? deal. HA!

  6. That is so awesome!! Congrats on your new home. It sounds like such an awesome experience. :)


  7. We have the same taste so I'm excited as you share more! Your bright white kitchen with dark wood floors is my dream kitchen! Pretty!! Excited for you guys!

  8. I love the back splash, counters, and floors - such a clean and elegant look!! Can't wait to see more! Congratulations!!

  9. I am so excited for you guys! Everything looks so gorgeous! Seriously cannot wait for the final reveal :)

  10. That's so exciting!!!! Picking out everything would make me nervous too. Can't wait to see more pics.

  11. I LOVE it all!! So clean looking, which is my favorite :)

  12. I am SO SO SO excited for you my friend - and I am reliving all the excitement that we felt a year ago when we moved into our home after building - it's the best feeling!! Can't wait for a home tour - wish I could have a real life one x

  13. Absolutely love the update on your kitchen. Fabulous back splash! By the way, your sons outfits are so adorable and the combinations are perfection. Looking forward to your home update... Love love love interior design posts :) Best of Luck

  14. The color scheme you chose is perfect! And I can't wait to see your furniture picks! Congratulations to your family!

  15. This is so lovely!! How exciting!!! :) Your color scheme is just delightful!!! SO excited for y'all!
    :) Rebecca

  16. Girl I loveeeeee freshly baked thin crust pizza:)!!! Every night needs to be pizza night!!! & I wanna kiss that sweet boy on the head.

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